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Old Sonographe

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  • Old Sonographe

    Is anyone familiar with the old Conrad Johnson Sonographe 125 watt stereo amp. Dont be afraid to tell me it's junk or it's at the bottom of the food chain, I cant find much information about it and would appreciate any feedback.

    A nice looking one has been offered to me for a couple hundred bucks to power my old Klipsch 4.2's.

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    Have you tried their tech support?

    For 40 years, conrad-johnson has been dedicated to developing audio components which offer the exact recreation of live music performances.
    Emotiva UPA-700 Amp
    Emotiva UMC 200 pre/pro
    B&W DM605 S2 Mains
    DM602 S2 Surrounds
    DM601 S2 Rear Surrounds
    CC6 S2 Center.
    ASW 1000 Sub


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      Thanks Stoney,
      I never thought of that.........I just now sent them an eMail asking for information. :T


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        Here's a little blurb on them from UK's Audioconsultants web-site.
        Sonographe - by conrad-johnson
        Very affordable pre and power amplifiers designed and made by conrad-johnson. The SC26 pre-amplifier comes with full remote facilities. Power amplifiers, SA250 and SA400 come as a choice of two power outputs, 125wpc and 220wpc, respectively. Extremely good sound and capable of being partnered with high quality ancillary equipment.
        Sounds pretty good to me, Pat. :T

        David - Trigger-happy HTGuide Admin


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          Thanks David,

          Conrad Johnson sent me copy of the manual in an eMail.
          I need to figure out how to open it now, It's saved in documents.

          I am this close to pulling the trigger on it.


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            The 250 price tag was just too good to pass up so I picked it up today. That thing weighs 40 pounds and is clean as a whistle. The owner said he has been powering Klipschorns with it the last 10 years.

            Tomorrow I will finish hooking it up and I am hoping it is going to be great!


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              Five posts of mine in this little

              Seperate amplifiers make a huge difference on the sound over recievers. :E

              The Sonographe is dead quiet and very enjoyable. The music just flows out of the speakers, the bass is much more controlled and the instruments are much clearer and seperated with more impact, even at low volumes. With the reciever the Paradigms sounded very weak. Huge


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                Great Buy :T

                HEY!! Why buy movie tickets when you can own a Theater?


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                  Awesome, Pat! :banana:

                  It's really nice to read a post where someone is so excited about the improvement in the sound of their system.

                  David - Trigger-happy HTGuide Admin


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