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Anyone own Accusound or Energy speakers

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  • Anyone own Accusound or Energy speakers

    Hello all, I am interested to know anyones thoughts or experiences in owning or listening to Accusound speakers, specifically the Larger Floorstanding Delta range DL 890 or DL 860. These are/were Australian made speakers.

    Also I have recently considered purchasing the Energy Connoisseur floorstanding Canadian made C5, C7, or C9 speakers.

    Can anyone tell me their thoughts / listening experiences with these speakers or possibly tell me what pre or pre/pro/amp combination is a good match with these speakers, reasonable cost of course being a consideration.

    Thanks for any info, hope to hear from you.

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    Not familiar with those speakers but I have just fallen in love with my new VMPS'. What do these speakers cost?


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      What does VMPS stand for? and what price range are these speakers.

      The price range of the Energy Connoissuer is $1600 for the C5 to about $2500 Australian dollars for the C9's.

      If time permits, take a quick look at the Energy web site.

      I have found in my auditions the Energy,s to sound great. They use an aluminium dome tweeter,which concerns me a little in regards to how they may sound with some brighter sounding discs, sibilance may be too evident, compared to say silk or cloth dome tweeters. Any thoughts on this?

      The Audioholics web site has made mention of these Energy speakers and I believe they may be doing a review of them soon.

      Until then anyones experience with these speakers would be helpful.

      They certainly look good not that counts for much soundwise.

      Thanks Pete


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        VMPS stands for Veritone Minimum Phase Speakers. Not sure what they cost in Australia but I do know they ship around the world (my dealer had a huge shipment to South Africa recently).



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          Never heard of Accusound speakers so I stopped by the website. Interesting stuff.

          Also interesting is their decision to continue marketing nonsense about small' 'fast' drivers.
          This is a quote from their Different Speakers for Different Types of Music section.
          Small drivers are quicker in action. They will deliver a bass note faster and not cloud the delicate sound from different instruments.
          This statement is absolute BS. Any driver (big or small) only moves at the speed of the signal it's reproducing. People that actually understand the physics involved in driver design, know that acceleration not speed is important for good transient response.

          Here's a statement from their subwoofer page talking about their downfiring PR's.
          This design eliminates the high volume of air passing through plastic tubes that cause “choofing”.
          This to is nonsense. A well designed port doesn't 'chuff', and a port won't won't have the 'ringing' and 'overshoot' that cause PR based subs to blurr the transient response.

          These guys are selling hype and pseudoscience. Up to you as to whether or not you like what you hear.

          Caveat emptor!

          IB subwoofer FAQ page

          "Complicated equipment and light reflectors and various other items of hardware are enough, to my mind, to prevent the birdie from coming out." ...... Henri Cartier-Bresson


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            Yup, the local dealer I'm trying to get to bring in the flared fittings for my ported blueprint sells Accusound speakers.

            In Accusounds' defence, they do "look" nice... (at least the midle of the road model I looked at/listened to) but they sound flat even compared to Paradigm's performance line-up.


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