OK, Who is using a Power Center/'Line Conditioner?

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  • Rock Dog
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Jan 2003
    • 417

    OK, Who is using a Power Center/'Line Conditioner?

    Specifically the Monster 3500 and 3600 or the even the AVS 2000?

    What are your thoughts? Did it help or degrade the sound of your equipment?


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  • Neal_C
    Senior Member
    • Feb 2003
    • 212

    My wife got me the Monster 3600 for Christmas (and got a wonderful deal on it as well). It didn't degrade anything and we both feel it cleaned up our std. def satellite signal a little bit.
    I have my Mits 46807, Hughes E86, Replaytv, Rotel RMB-1075, Sony cd changer, Denon DVD1600 connected to it.
    If nothing else, I just like knowing that everything is protected.



    • Claude D D
      Senior Member
      • Jan 2003
      • 465

      I have a Monster HTS5100 on my gear and it made a noticable difference, lowered the noise floor on the audio side and noticed more depth in the picture on the video end of things.It has no problem supplying the juice to a RMB-1075,RB-1080,RSP-1066,DVPS7700 and a 50" projo.TV


      • pbarata
        Senior Member
        • Feb 2003
        • 175

        I've an Olson Sound Fantastic mains filter (http://www.soundfantastic.co.uk/). I can really say that when I power my Technics MIDI through Olson its possible to ear a very noticeable difference in sound, with much better bass. But having Rotel RSP-1066 and Rotel RMB-1075 powered using the same mains unit, I can’t notice such a difference, I sincerely can't judge which one sound better to me ?!

        I got some advice in order to have the pre-amp connect through Olson mains and the power amp directly to mains socket. Can anyone tell me advantages and disadvantages of doing so? Which set up is better?
        Movies: Samsung LCD LE37A557, Rotel RSP-1066 & RMB-1075, Sony PS3, VdH D-102 Hybrid III interc, QED XT-350 & Supra Rondo 4x2,5 speaker cable, QED Qunex P75 coax, Monitor Audio Silver 5i/8i/10i speakers, REL Quake sub, QED Qunex SR-SW subwoofer cable, IXOS XHT458 HDMI, Supra LoRad, Isotek Mini Sub GII;
        Music: Rega Planar 3, Goldring 1042, Vincent PHO-8, Krell KAV-280cd, Krell KAV-400xi, B&W 703, Siltech SQ-28 Classic G5 (XLR), Siltech LS-68 Classic Mk2, Nordost Vishnu, QED Qonduit MDH6.


        • terry78
          Junior Member
          • Jan 2003
          • 15

          I recently ordered a Blue Circle Audio Music Ring MR 1200. I'll provide feedback after it arrives.


          • jaakan
            • Dec 2002
            • 98

            In a word "both."
            A Plus for Plasma Display, you can get deeper blacks, or any units with bad power stages.

            Some Power Amps have a Line Conditioner built-in.
            Some to Most high current Power Amps that don't have a L.C. will have their D.range and power clipped if you use them with a L.C.

            Add up the MAX watts for each unit you will use on one L.C.
            if it's more than the MAX of the L.C. you have a problem.

            I use two 1,200watt L.C.s from TrippLite ( both five years old )
            both work fine, I have tested many newer unit and no Pluses with the newer ones, so I have no need to get new ones.


            • Mark_C.
              Senior Member
              • Jan 2003
              • 386

              I have a Monster HTS2500. It's really nothing more than a glorified power strip. No benefit to me whatsover, except for the extra outlets and another cool black box to put under the monitor.


              • Zyzio
                Junior Member
                • Feb 2003
                • 7

                :LOL: I'm using Helion power conditioner and Helion Powercords with Rotel RSP 1066 and Primare A 30.5 power amp and the sound is much better-clear and well controlled.
                I'm new in this forum. I live in Poland.
                Sorry for my English. ops:


                • bdub
                  Junior Member
                  • Jan 2003
                  • 1

                  Forget the Monster products... PS Audio's vast array of power conditioning products do a much better job than the Monster products. I just picked up the Power Director and the results are amazing. The noise floor is sinificantly lower and the video results are stunning. I never knew that I was missing so much!!

                  I also use the High Current 20amp Ultimate Outlet for my sub. Much cleaner, more defined bass. Amazing difference!

                  The Power Ports are a great upgrade that make a huge difference. These AC recepticles are hospital grade and fully isolated. You would not believe the difference $50 makes in your system!

                  Check out the webiste (http://www.psaudio.com) - The forums are a great resource and the customer service is second to none.


                  Rotel RSP-1066
                  Krell KAV-250A (mains)
                  Rotel RB-985 (surrounds and center)
                  Denon POA-80 (2nd zone)
                  Rotel RCD-951
                  Denon DVD-3800
                  Sony KP-57WV700 (57" widescreen)

                  B&W CDM-9nt (mains)
                  B&W CDM-Cnt (center)
                  B&W CWM-800 (2 pairs inwall surrounds)
                  B&W ASW-CDM (sub)
                  B&W CCM-65 (2nd zone in-ceiling)

                  PS Audio Power Director 4.7 (20amp)
                  PS Audio Ultimate Outlet (20amp for sub)
                  PS Audio Power Ports (3 pairs)

                  2 dedicated 20amp lines with 10 gauge wire from breaker to outlets


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