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ASW750 vs. PV1

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  • ASW750 vs. PV1


    I have a Rotel electronic, B&W 8 serie.
    The sub750 is really a good sub but I have in my head a PV1.
    My rotel is all from IcePower serie's and the PV1 too.
    Will be better the PV1 or the 750? (750sub I at the moment in my livingroom)

    Or go to the Velodyne SPL1200R??

    mfg omar

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    for an upgrade - go 800 series or velo DD series

    PV1 is probably the cleanest sounding sub out there but for movies asw750 would suit better and 800 series is the obvious fit with your front speakers
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      I utilise my system 95% for movie,

      I have Rotel RB1092 for main (803S), RB1091 center (Htm3s), RB1092 rear (805s).
      Sub at this moment I have the 750 but my collega will a sub buy and he want
      my 750 buying.
      I don't no of sell and buy a new PV1 or Velo SPL1200R or DD10?!

      In place from 750 I don't think that the 825 will be much better.
      The PV1 or 2pciece's PV1 can be a solution??

      Velo plus: equalizator inclusive!!!
      B&W plus Velo SMS1???


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        The PV1 sounds fabulous and as said above is probably the "cleanest" sub in the market. It does have one fault, its output is a little "shy". My solution, albeit expensive, is using 2. The result is thunderous bass with no coloration. I use my XT system mostly for movies and games with occasional music listening. The 2 PV's sound and look spectacular regarless of source or programming. I very strongly recommend them. One is enough for a small venue like a regular room but for a larger space 2 work best.


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          @WI Rotel,

          I'm 100% with you.
          With 2 pc. PV1 will be a very good solution for the bass frequenzy.

          The 750 is a good gear not word, but is I must decide 2x PV1 or 2x 750
          I go with PV1.
          With a single piece the 750 have more power but the power is not all...



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            Like all things audio, sound/bass preference is very subjective to each individual.

            But the pv1 and the whole XT series, although very good, were meant for those who want good quality sound with the whole modern "lifestyle" look according to a B&W rep I had a chance to talk to. For those who care less of the modern clean look (that has become popular) and only care about performance, they recommend the 800 series and the 700 series (for those with limited resources).

            I have read many reviews and also listened to the pv1 myself. They sound very good (for it's size and what they were intended) and look very very nice. But if all you care about is performance (in movies, etc) rather than the "lifestyle" modern look of the pv1, you can find much much better performing and technically superior subwoofers in the price range of the pv1.


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              Sorry but I don't believe that the poeple buy a PV1 for "a modern lifestyle look.
              When I buy a fmovie I buy it for the film not for the cover or for the sound format.
              Open your mind:
              "if you have always seen a ball round when of it you see an innovative one it does not mean that it is not valid"



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                I think you didn't read or fully understand my post....but it seems you have made up your mind up already anyway with the pv1.

                This is why I think one should avoid giving specific model recommendations or comparisons or which one is the "best", etc, etc, because when comparing high quality audio equipment esp speakers and subwoofers, everything is subjective to each individual's taste and can be easily, really easily influenced by someone elses opinion on what is the "best" etc, etc when all that is subjective and depends on your ear and preference when comparing good audio equipment.

                In your case no one can decide what is better..the 750 or the pv1 but you depending on your ear and preference.

                I was just pointing out that there are lots and lots of companies out there that make very good subwoofers (some argue much better) in the price range of the pv1 and for you to go out with an open mind and without perceived opinions and listen to many types (and not just pv1) to see which one is the best for you and better than the 750 you have now. No one makes "the best" subwoofer.

                I was just doing you a favor and passing on what the B&W rep told me. The B&W rep told me that the xt series which include the pv1 were made and marketed for people who like the "modern lifestyle look". He recommended the 800 series (and cheaper 700 series) over the xt series for better performance at the price range if the clean modern look is not as important.
                Email B&W if you don't believe me. But whether or not that is true to you depends again on your ear and subjective opinion. But on paper...on technically specifications alone, the B&W rep is correct as both the 800 and 700 is better on paper.


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