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limit of my 705's

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  • limit of my 705's

    Well guys this is kinda dumb but if I dont discuss this I will stay with the doubt that I never asked, so right now im pushing my 705's with a Rotel rx-1052, its not that powerfull its 100w, but it sounds good to me, I have it paired up with a nice sub, anyways Ive been pushing them kinda hard today, although they did not show sign of clipping or distorion, I decided to raise the bass on the reciever and lower a little the subwoofer level, why I did this was because it sounds much fuller of sound coming from the speakers, I did this with the sub off to truly hear the outcome of the 705's. The sound that I got more from was like lower to mid sounds got much fuller and they now give a bigger impression, rather than thinner as they used to sound. Then I lowered the level in the sub, because as I increased the bass on the reciever, the sub also raised so I lowered it to compensate, anywho the real question is I had my volume at around 71 73 on the reciever, I do see the speaker move alot harder now obviously its putting more strain on them, but they dont appear to be topping out as I really dont know because I havnt pushed them as hard as today, but they do move in and out alot but they seem to be controlled, they never appear to be loose, my question is if theyre is no clipping, and theyre not topping out, can they blow much easier than before? or is it fine, I guess the real question would be can they be pushed this hard?

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    As long as you do not hear any distortion you are fine. The mid-range/woofers are meant to have high excursion. As soon as you hear any slight break-up i would turn it down.


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      Ok thats great to hear, these things can really move violently, but they sound awesome!, BTW nice avatar!


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        Also be advised that when you are increasing the bass and changing the cross over, it is an artificial increase where the bass signal is increased without the rest of the bandwidth. For example, years ago I had a graphic eq hooked into a DBX Range Expander and we would have a couple of "pops" and watch the active woofer and passive woofer on my speakers at the time move in and out. It was a real cool show until the woofer got fried into the out position. Point being is you have to watch bass/treble/eq controls as they would easily strain a system.



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