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  • Alaric
    Ultra Senior Member
    • Jan 2006
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    It's been a while...

    *Door opens with a slow creak, looks around,.*

    It's been far too long since I was active here. So many good people don't seem to be around anymore. Lex, Nick, Dougie... So many names I remember, fewer than I can't recall at the moment. Ovation, Dan, Steve, Jon, Chris, and Bill.

    Especially Bill. From wkhanna I learned important things that transcended audio and material possessions. I may have been just an obnoxious blip on his radar, but he made a difference for me. I'll always owe him for that and I wish the best life has to offer for him.

    Doug (Lex) was a good friend and I spent many hours trading messages and the occasional phone call with him. He helped me out in tough times and was always a sympathetic ear with common sense advice. He deserves to relax a while now, and I wish him as much happiness as he can stand.

    All the others, remembered and those I can't recall right now, have given generously of their time and themselves to help me with various quests for knowledge over many years, and displayed patience, or at least tolerance with/for me when I needed it Not necessarily deserved it, but that's what made this place special. They didn't shun the slow kid, they showed him the way.

    Older, probably not much wiser, but in a place I never foresaw when I joined the 'Guide, I find myself missing what was here. Good people, and more of them, per capita, than any other forum I've seen. Thank you, guys. I hope to be around more regularly going forward, and expressing my gratitude by contributing what little I can.

    See you all soon.

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  • JonMarsh
    Mad Max Moderator
    • Aug 2000
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    Glad to see you back, there's some history behind that, with regards to Doug/Lex and how some parts of the forum were handled.

    Sven has been doing a righteous job setting things right and working with some old timers (like me) on re-organizing and helping make access more focused.

    In my own case, retiring has enabled me to spend more time working on projects, and connecting to people, both here and elsewhere. We've got a ways to go, but I think we're headed in the right direction, and as always, we want to maintain a high signal to noise ratio...

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    Just ask Mr. Ohm....


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