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    Wise it is not, my young padawan, to provoke the wrath of the Dark Side.


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      I was using Dune HD max + Onkyo TX-NR616 as my 5.1 setup.


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        JRiver 22 on the laptop which sincs with the
        Sony HAP Z1ES media player
        B&W CM10,
        B&W CM Centre 2S2
        B&W CM S2
        JL Audio F110 V2
        McIntosh MC207
        Sony HAP Z1 ES
        OPPO 105D
        Emotiva UMC 200
        Pro-JEct SE 5.1
        PAarasound Phono Pre
        Furman Elite 15 P
        Kimber 8TC -Heros IC


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          My digital gear consists of a Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 motherboard (with upgradeable op amp!) and a separate quad core audio processor from Creative, and my trusty Marantz SA 8260 SACD player, which still does a great job with Redbook CDs as well. Motherboard details if anyone cares.

          Marantz PM7200-RIP
          Marantz PM-KI Pearl
          Schiit Modi 3
          Marantz CD5005
          Paradigm Studio 60 v.3


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            I am new to the forum ' but have been into audio for quite a while. For starters I would like to say hello to everyone and that I have a very old NAD 5120 that I listen to vinyl on with a NAD phono stage..
            As far as digital goes I like watching films ' Netflix etc where my audio system does a pretty good job even though it is quite old and only a 2 channel system... The system is at the heart a Bryston 4b NRB and a Threshold T300 preamplifier from the early nineties. My computer is connected to my tv a little HP 800 ELITE and I use Tidal for music files .. I don't have a library of FLAC files and find Tidal convenient access and quality wise. The computer feeds into a first generation Chord Hugo DAC..The sound produced is fed to a pair of Bower & Wilkins 803N loudspeakers which sound fabulous t my ears... Here is a photo of the system minus the record deck as my son has borrowed it as they do...

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              Welcome to the family!!!

              that is some great equipment, i am sure it sounds V good....:T


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              ....just an "ON" switch, Please!



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                Originally posted by Ovation View Post
                Mine is very basic. I have music stored in iTunes in Apple Lossless (ripped from CDs), mostly (a few things of lesser importance--one hit wonder type stuff--are just bought from iTunes in their lossy format). I stream from my iTunes library wirelessly to my living room 2 channel via Airport Express (connected to my AVR via toslink) and to my HT AVR (connected in the same way). Works fine for me. When I want to do "critical listening" (the time for which seems to be diminishing day by day, sadly), I pull out the shiny disc.
                Five and half years later and I've made exactly ONE "digital" addition to my gear--a Schitt Modi2 Uber DAC a few years ago (though mostly as a digital switch box for my headphone setup--accompanying a Magni2 Uber amp). Sorry for letting the team down in terms of gear acquisition.


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                  Originally posted by Ovation View Post
                  Sorry for letting the team down in terms of gear acquisition.
                  no worries, it only means you hit your 'sweet spot'....:W


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                  ....just an "ON" switch, Please!



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                    List your digital gear:

                    - Left hand (five digits)
                    - Right hand (five digits)

                    Both of them work effectively to operate the controls of my analog gear.

                    Ok, I also have an Oppo BDP-105 which has a great DAC for playing computer-based music files, while also offering outstanding two channel analog playback (after digitally decoding digital music disks).


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                      Mine is pretty simple also. WAV & dot-aiff files ripped via XLD (I agree. The Best!) I do have a passable shelf of the shiny "big black cd's" as my wife's students - manly from the Central American countries, call them. These I wistfully plan on ripping so they can go on my 1T android. "Some day." This all USED to go via toslink to the Denon 3806 > Bheringer A500 power > 2.1 speakers. (4ohm speaks require 4ohm helper) These are HTG diy's, the ones from the huge 50 page build of Dayton RS 3 ways if you recall? 2007 or so... Video also went to a Panny Viera 42". A PS3 is also in the picture, but I have never been a able to stream thru it without interruptions. I blame Verizon.
                      Anyway the video died on my 27" I Mac. **it happens. I now have a new, 13" Mac Air and my 2tb external with all the music, but no transfer capability, only two tiny usb-c's.
                      Am actively looking for a piece to fix that for $$, not $$$$, right? Yes, suggestions welcome. The Mac had a s/pdif via the headphone jack which was optical. Forget about that, as far as I can see. �� I must mention the Project Debut lll, which will be getting an Acrylic plate and an Orto 2M Red when I'm back in action. (I also plan on diy-ing a TT stand out of 3 foot 3/4" yellow threaded rod, and heavy southern yellow pine laminated shelves with a lacqer finish (!)) In my opinion, black or silver, good audio is definitely helped by beauty...
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                        A synopsis of evolution...

                        Ok, this is a good idea to have this info collected in one spot; however, trying to list the setup can be confusing and out of date quickly, as things evolve and change, and in some cases, I'm just recently getting ready to retrofit features I gave up temporarily when doing an equipment swap with a close former colleague a couple of years ago... (is it a clue that you have a different perspective when a couple of years ago now, seems more like a couple of months ago when I was in my 30's?)

                        This illustration I posted from 2016 still has a lot of relevancy... up to a point.

                        I have all of these pieces, but due to changes in life's circumstances and living like a gypsy the last 3-4 years (always in what was basically "temporary housing" and unwilling to setup the full system) this has been in storage for some time.

                        So, this is basically correct, except that I now have a Signature Rendu, in addition to the micro Rendu. And a few other bits and pieces...

                        This should all start getting setup again in the new digs sometime this spring.

                        After the Alpha USB, will come a Brainstorm DCD8 again, for reclocking the AES-EBU signal.

                        This will have an LPRS10 10MHz Rubidium oscillator as a master logic clock connected externally.

                        My latest implementation has a very high grade linear supply, though.

                        "Budget DAC" to feed HT grade system is a Denafrips Terminator precision R2R ladder DAC, with upgrades from factory:

                        And still stashed away in storage, my TotalDAC D2, fully balanced converters and output.

                        the AudioWorx
                        Arvo Pärt
                        Isiris MLBL
                        Modula MT
                        Natalie P
                        Modula Neo D CC
                        Modula MT XE
                        Modula Xtreme
                        Wavecor Ardent

                        Minerva Monitor
                        Ardent D

                        In Development...
                        Isiris Mk II updates
                        Calliope CC
                        Saint-Saëns Symphonique
                        Modula PWB
                        Calliope CC Supreme

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                          I have (relatively) recently acquired a very basic NAD Wireless USB DAC 2 for a very modest sum (100$ CDN). I use it to feed audio from my laptop (mostly from Apple Music--this is a convenience first set up in my workspace, not intended as the pinnacle of digital audio by any means) to my semi-vintage 2 channel setup: Yamaha C-45 pre-amp (circa 1985), Marantz DV6400 SACD/DVD-A/CD player (circa 2003), Aiwa ADF-800 cassette deck (circa 1992), Sony MDS-JE480 MiniDisc player/recorder (circa 2003), Emotiva BasX A-100 amp (circa 2016), PSB Imagine Bs (circa 2011). Exceedingly simple to set up, very basic, does the job.

                          (Yes, I do still play MiniDiscs and cassettes--have accumulated too much good music on each to abandon the formats [a lot of radio recordings that are not otherwise available]) The only thing left to add to this setup is decidedly analogue (so I will discuss it in the appropriate thread when I get it--a restored Garrand turntable with 78rpm playback for the stacks of 78s currently in storage at my parents' home).