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New house wiring!!!

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  • New house wiring!!!

    Hi guys, I'm having a new house built and the electrician asked me what cabling do I need...well I thought I had a good idea but let me tell you my issues.

    1. Don't watch much normal TV, for the last year have actually just watched Apple TV streamed with Netflix and Hulu subscription. So you would think OK just hook up Apple on all your new TVs well the problem is the new house doesn't have cable, so slow internet through satellite or something like Century Link...

    2. If I have to go satellite I have asked the electrician to run coax to all the TVs he has also run CAT 5 to all TVs but to be honest I don't know what CAT 5 will give me ..any help?

    Don't watch much in the way of movies so HT is not an issue but I do love my music. So have a dedicated 2 Chanel system, but can stream music to that from an iPad as well as hi def music from a Mac based system.

    So my main concern is does anyone have a preference for Internet from satellite systems or should I go for Century Link? Also what does the Cat 5 cable offer me for the TVs?

    Any help and advice is always appreciated!

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    CAT5 (or 6) is network cabling.

    That's what you'll need for any internet/streaming (both from internet and local devices).

    Beyond that, it's up to you/your equipment on whether in wall wiring for things like speakers, HDMI, analog audio distribution etc would be beneficial.

    I'd also recommend dedicated 20Amp line(s) for any amp(s) (and/or subwoofers) as well as whole home surge suppression.

    No idea on satellite internet though, sorry.


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      Thanks Jason


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        In my experience, CAT 5 or 6 is generally a little faster than wireless, depending on your internet speed, so I think you should be better off getting the most of your slow internet. The CAT 5 really just connects your router to whatever box you use, i.e. Apple TV.

        I did a little research on your Satellite Internet question and found this article that ranks the top ten solutions in that area. I personally use Fios so I have no idea what the difference is, speed-wise. I know that if you use someone like DirectTV you'll probably be forced to purchase a bundle subscription that includes your standard channels, a DVR, and Internet, and in some cases, it even comes with a landline (like we need that these days.)

        Here's a link to the article


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          thanks, & welcome to our group, Amick55!


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            CAT5/6 is, as already mentioned, network cabling.
            First of all, cabled network is still much better than wireless network. A cabled network will give you gigabite speed. Wireless megabyte.
            Also, if you have a large house it might be hard to get the wifi network to reach all places. With cabled network you can put wireless routers at the connection points and create several wireless zones in your house.

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              Originally posted by wkhanna View Post
              thanks, & welcome to our group, Amick55!
              Glad to be here!


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