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    I'm looking into upgrading my older HK AVR-125. Unfortunately I live in a remote area and don't have the avialability of being to demo.

    I'm thinking of returning back to HK but am also interested in other brands. Currently my top pick is the Marantz line. I've also considered Onkyo, Denon, and Yamaha. The current amp that has my eye is the Marantz 5005.

    I've browsed through a few sites but it's hard to really put together an opinion based on forums. I find them to be dare I say "fanboy" oriented.

    Suggestions/opinions, or directions are appreciated.

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    Personally I'd go Onkyo, biggest bang per buck at the moment. If you can afford the 1500ish street price of the Denon 4311 that's another great option with many new features that will keep it very up to date for years to come.


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      I've been looking recently too and found the Denon AVR-3311 pretty well priced. Its got all the usual whizzy bits and also the Apple Airplay etc. Singapore prices are very good too... cheapest I have been quoted thus far is $1250 SGD... which for memory is around $900 USD. Not sure how they compare locally in the US... but I would think you could find one cheaper than that???


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        Based on what I've heard, I would tend to slightly lean in favor of the Marantz line of receivers. You should also check out the Harmon line as well. As like Rotel, they are known for their high amperage amp output which is really important for home theatre applications with their multi-channel, power hungry needs.
        Dan Madden :T


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          I've just been a big fan of the HK sound. I've heard a few Denon's before but that was pre digital. I'm lookin also into expandibility. My biggest reason for the upgrade is I've been looking into the UPA-5, and I just don't have the ouputs on this HK to use it.

          Just want something with more bells and whistles I guess. I hear the Audessy works ver well on the Marantz, and they seem to be compared to a "better" receiver then the HK line. But hey what do I know. I'm here for suggestions.


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            Just to let you know the UPA-7 is on closeout for 599 Well you can reserve one of the last few right now.

            Anyways Onkyo's seem to have some extremely impressive amp sections in their mid to high end units.

            Marantz are generally a Denon counter part with beefed up PSU's and what not. If you're using an external amp then it's not such an issue. On that note, the 4311 allows you to turn off all internal amps.

            All in all it mostly just depends on what you want to spend. Marantz is of course a name for the most part, not saying their stuff isn't high quality much of it definitely is. But they have been known to just rebadge a a few items from time to time and charge a lot more.


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              Don't think I will have a use for the UPA-7, just no room but that's a good deal.

              Reciever wise even 1-2 year old model may suffice. I have no use for the 3D, so I'm not going to base decisions on that. I just want to have more control for the most part. The 125 I have is very limited in terms of adjustments. I can't cross speakers at frequencies, I just have the option for "Large" or "Small" speakers, and I have to manuall adjust each individual channel for volume. Plus I'm thinking of moving away from the fibre optic cables in favour of the HDMI audio. I think I can minimize wires that way.


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                Well, choices so far:

                H/K - AVR-3600
                Marantz - SR5005
                Onkyo - TX-NR608
                Yamaha - RX-V667
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                  all those look like good options, i just purchased one of the UPA-7's and i am looking at what pre-amp to get as the Denon i have doesnt have pre-outs. i wish it did as the circuity and the sound of the Denon is outstanding but i wanted a little more power as i am building some 4ohm speakers and want a little more stable amp to drive them as the Denon gets pretty warm running the speakers i have now...


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                    That's my problem with my HK AVR-125. I only have pre-out for the sub. I like the sounds of HK so I'm leaning more towards the Marantz since from what I've read the Ez/Eq from HK isn't very friendly and they seem to have some issues with the HDMI passthrough on standby.


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                      Onkyo have just announced the replacement of the 608. Called....609, which should be out April 2011:

                      Has Marvell QDEO video processor which should be an upgrade compared to the 608. Nevertheless, 608 is still a good reciever so you may be able to pick it up cheaper/reduced due to the new 609.

                      Marantz will give you more 'stereo' sound if you listen to more music than TV, (I have a Marantz SR7002), but can be a bit laid back (and lack of features)for movies compared to the Onkyo.


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                        Make sure that whatever you buy can handle 4ohm loads!!.
                        Dan Madden :T


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                          Yes, being able to drive 4 ohms is a must as some of the best speakers are mostly four ohms (impedance varies with frequency). I think almost all the a/v mainline companies have good midrange offerings that sound pretty much alike and have the same miserable deficiencies in their amps. I was looking at Yamaha receiver before I discovered Emotiva because I needed to replace a DSP-A1 which had excellent sound field processing and that ten years ago was one of the best sounding. The Emo's sound is far better but lacks decent sound field processing.


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