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Soft Machine "Third"

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  • Soft Machine "Third"

    I just picked the remaster of Soft Machine "third" although I haven't found the time to listen to it yet, I wanted to throw out some of the details of the
    Re-Release. First off it's on the sony bmg label which makes me a bit leary
    of the sound quality but I thought I'd take the chance for only 15 bucks.
    It is a German Import and is a 2 CD set. Disc one being the original album
    and the second disc being a bonus disc of them live on BBC in a session from the Royal Albert Hall. They did include a 6 page booklet along with some nice
    archival photo's. Newly Released in 2007.

    Nice for old Die Hard Fans.

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    Well, you know I love that recording, Dave.

    By the way, do you know a group named Cherry Holmes?

    Sorry for being off topic, but I was curious as you're a fan of bluegrass.


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      I haven't ever heard of them before. Hmmm more imfo. please...
      Thanks, Dave...


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        Well, they're going to be appearing at the Mondavi Center, which is the best place to see music in my area. I wasn't going to go, but when I read they were a blue grass group, all from the same family, and won an Entertainer of the Year award, I immediately thought of you and how much you loved bluegrass.

        If you're still at the same email, I'm going to send you one shortly about something that would make me feel happy. If you don't get it within the next half hour, email me and I'll reply that way.


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          Well, I had the time to listen to the 1st disc and was pleasently surprised.
          Good (not great) but good channel seperation and no audible hiss.
          I haven't tryed this on my HT system, just my stereo system in my computer
          room... it was a bit edgy on the most high end spectrum however, I think thats
          due to lower grade equipment and interconnects. All in all a fun listen though...


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            That's why I mentioned you a few weeks back in the Mahler thread, Dave.

            Anyone who appreciates Soft Machine must have great taste!!! :W


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              Thanks for the vote of confidence Keith, My insight is slight in the classical realm
              compared to Your's. My strong points fall in the Bluegrass, Singer songwriter and
              Groundbreaking avandt guard music of the late 60s early 70s. Progressive Rock
              is a subject that I get completely involved with, as with Soft Machine's Third...


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