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Hybrid SACDs with excellent two-channel?

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  • Hybrid SACDs with excellent two-channel?


    Bought a new DVD player on the weekend, which just happens to play DVD-A and SACD (a Pioneer DV-676a, actually). It's only a AUD$200 machine, so I don't expect the sound quality for DVD-A and SACD to be wonderful.

    I've always been a bit suspect about instruments coming from more than two channels, but now that I've got the new DVD player, I thought I should dip my toes into multi-channel music.

    I'm getting the obligatory "Dark Side Of The Moon" SACD, even though I've heard the two-channel layer is somewhat ordinary. This is one recording where I think multi-channel was intended (and it's only US$9.99 at the moment from Amazon).

    So I'm looking for recommendations of hybrid SACD titles, whose two-channel layer is at least the equal of the corresponding CD. This way, if the multi-channel experience leaves me cold (or, more likely, my DVD player doesn't reproduce the sound to sufficient quality), then I've at least got the two-channel layer to fall back on (through my Rotel RCD-1072 CD player).

    As a start, I'm thinking about Diana Krall's "The Look Of Love" and "Love Scenes" hybrid SACDs. Can anyone comment on the sound quality of the two-channel layer on these? These titles are also on DVD-A, so if anyone can offer a comparison between the SACD and DVD-A versions, that would also be beaut.


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    Hi I've had a pioneer Dv667a for a while now but have not had the rest of the system to listen to it properly yet .My local Big W here in Perth has the DSOTM sacd for $20 (still kicking my self for missing Queen's "A night at the opera" sacd which was in K-Mart for $20).
    Must say I was not impressed to see the 676 released soon after mine with PAl progressive scan which was the only missing feature I wanted when purchasing it and another 100 or so dollars cheaper.


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      I have not listened to very much multichannel music in two channel but if you click on my link to my Hi Res music you can find some reviews of some of the music I own.

      The one that comes to mind that I have actually compared the two v/s multichannel was the Police disk I own "Every Breath you Take, The Classics". The two channel was better than the multichannel IMO, but I had a heads up that that was the case.

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        Eagles Hotel California DVD-Audio
        Norah Jones Come Away with Me SACD
        Diana Krall The Look of Love DVD Audio

        I listen to all three on 2 channel and its all better than multichannel IMO and sounds friggin' awesome especially orah Jones


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          You can read some SACD reviews here


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            Virtually all the classical hybrid SACDS I’ve bought sound sensational in multi-channel because, in addition to be exceptionally well recorded, they use the surround channels to provide ambient cues of the performing space, not to play cute games with the positions of the instruments. Most that I've heard also provide excellent two channel mixes as well. A few outstanding titles worth checking out:

            • Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet Complete Suites from the Ballet, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Paavo Jarvi, Telarc SACD-60597

            • Beethoven: Piano Sonatas no. 14 ("Moonlight"), no. 18 ("Pathetique"), no. 4 in E flat, Op.7, Mari Kodama PentaTone classics PTC5186 023

            • Shostakovich: Symphony no. 11, London Symphony Orchestra, Mstislav Rostropovich, LSO Live SACD LSO0535

            • the Trumpets that time forgot: selections by Joseph Rheinberger, Richard Strauss and Edward Elgar, Jonathan Freeman Attwood -- piccolo trumpet, John Wallace -- trumpet in b flat, Colm Carey -- organ, Linn Records CKD 242

            • Jean-Baptiste Lully: L'Orchestre Du Roi Soleil (Symphonies, Overtures & Airs a jouer), Le Concert Des Nations, Jordi Savall, AliaVox AVSA9807

            • Bartok: The Miraculous Mandarin, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Marin Alsop, NAXOS 6.110088

            Here's one that is so delightful and so RIGHT (since all the instruments stay up front) in multichannel that you won't care if it doesn't have a stereo down-mix:

            • Louis Massonneau: Oboe Quartets, Ensemble Piu, audite SACD 92.562



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              Check out the "stickied" thread at the top of this section for Must have DVD-A's/SACD's


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                Another one you could try is Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms.

                Interesting about Diana Krall we have compared the Red Book, SACD & DVDA on my system, Alebonau’s (Alain), and Norpus’s (Ken) systems and on all the systems and rooms the Red Book version shone out over the others. BTW this is using a CD transport external DAC, compared to our multi purpose DVD players.

                We all use different equipment, and each time the results were the same, I have since gone and bought all the discs again in CD format.

                If you want to listen to a great multi-channel DVDA get Gordon Goodwins - Big Phat Band XXL, this will get you system humming.


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                  Yeah, I'd like to get some "humming" out of that...

                  Well, we're safe for now. Thank goodness we're in a bowling alley.
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                    Another one you could try is Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms
                    I've heard that the XRCD is better than the 2 channel SACD. I'm debating buying it right now. The SACD is an import. I like alot of people are not multi channel fans.

                    I'd agree with the Police disc. I didnt' like the multi channel on it though.

                    I may have to pick up the Norah Jones disc. BB had it for $14 still.


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                      I didn't know that there was an XRCD of BIA. All I know is that I consider the multichannel version of "Money for Nothing" to be THE premier use of multichannel music, and I use it in all my theater demos. The intro is incredible.

                      Well, we're safe for now. Thank goodness we're in a bowling alley.
                      - Pleasantville


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                        A couple for your consideration

                        Pink Floyd-Dark Side Of The Moon
                        Elton John-Madman Across The Water--some tracks are better than others

                        Marantz PM7200-RIP
                        Marantz PM-KI Pearl
                        Schiit Modi 3
                        Marantz CD5005
                        Paradigm Studio 60 v.3


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