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  • technodanvan
    Senior Member
    • Nov 2009
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    New Dust collector

    I'm in the market for a dust collector. I've been using a DeWalt shop-vac style dust collector for some time, and it works great with smaller tools like handheld routers and such. However, it does not have nearly the flow rate necessary for my table saw, router table, or planer (all reasonably sized, nothing crazy here). Since this would service all three tools in a non-permanent setup it would need to be somewhat mobile and, ideally, not too terribly expensive or large. I was looking at this Shop Fox model but don't know if it would be powerful enough? I'm hoping since all runs would be short I don't need a larger variant. Looking for any input on this.

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    - Danny
  • augerpro
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    • Aug 2006
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    I have the Oneida Mini-Gorilla and really like it. I see they have added to the "personal" line so you might check those out. Whatever brand you look at, get a cyclone style. They are much more efficient in separating particles and the air. Those blower-bag style rely completely on the bag to filter particles and they are terrible at it. Tiny particles will be spread all over the room. The Oneida uses a cyclone and the exhaust air goes through a HEPA filter. I checked the drain cap once on the filter and there was just light dusting on the bottom. That's efficient! And of course the HEPA filter prevents anything leftover from getting into your room.

    One thing I have read is most of these non-industrial systems are designed to move air, but not at high suction. They are meant for tools that are hooded or have some capture path and the dust collector clears that path. They are not really meant for low flow, high suction that you would have on a handheld tool like a router or track saw. I use a either a Makita dust collector, or my Ridgid shopvac with HEPA filter for collection at the tool. For the compound saw I built a cabinet and the Oneida is hooked to the cabinet while my Makita is hooked to the saw itself. For the router I built a shrouded work table and the Oneida is connected to a cavity below the work surface and the Makita to the router. Oneida now makes a SuperCell that may perform both tasks (high flow and high suction) well, but I don't know much about it.

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    ~Brandon 8O
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    • Scareurpasenger
      • Jan 2017
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      Checkout some of the builds using Wynn environmental. The upgrades to standard can be more economical with the right purchase up front.


      • technodanvan
        Senior Member
        • Nov 2009
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        Interesting thoughts, thanks guys. Might be I need to budget a bit more for this.
        - Danny


        • Steve Manning
          • Dec 2006
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          Plus 1 on what Brandon recommended. Get a 2 stage/cyclone system and stay away from the dust bags, get a canister filter with a good MERV rating.
 and are good sources for info and options. These are some pretty machines as well. I have one of their units.

          Your probably going to find like everything else these days, prices have gone up on this stuff a lot over the past couple of years.
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