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  • In-wall statement speakers

    Hi there,

    I'm building a new modern style fireplace with a TV in our great room. I was going to build my own LCR WMTMW speakers to be built into the fireplace but I came across a screaming deal on a set of Statement speakers and statement center, all early versions. My original plan was to just run MiniDSP's and go active but since I already have all the crossover parts, I want to try and modify the crossovers to get rid of the baffle step correction and fine tune any changes in regards to losing the mid tunnel design. The volume of the enclosure is going to match the sealed plans for the Statements. The previous owner also had an extra mid driver which I will be adding to the center channel to match the left and right speaker.

    I did look into the 2RCC speaker which is a modified Statement design and it made me hopeful in the project.

    So my question to everyone is what should I start tweaking in regards to baffle step? Any other crossover changes you think I will need?

    Here is the link for the center channel crossover schematic (the mid speaker circuit will be changing since I want to change to a dual driver):

    Here is the link for the regular Statement speaker:

    I feel bad molesting a perfectly good (really good) set of speakers but the deal was too good to pass up. Plus, I like a challenge and if I can have really good audio from in walls in a beautiful fireplace, I'm going to be very happy.

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    Hmm. I don’t think it’s going to be easy.
    And at the end not going to be Statements as designed or sounding either.

    Here’s the the challenges you’ll need to work through

    A) in-wall means no open back midrange
    B) no bass reflex bass; which is one of the strengths of a large ported design with dual 8” woofers
    B2) You’ll need to run subwoofers
    C) gyprock or drywall or those kind of plaster type walls are not a rigid; and not good for baffles. You want a wooden baffle and stiffened and dampened enclosure. So in wall solutions work well when those things are down as the wall is being built.

    I think your best solution would be-

    Quick and dirty - build as designed with the passive crossover, in wall mount it; then use your DSP to correct for a neutral in-room response (do you have Dirac Live license on your miniDSP?)

    Reworking the crossovers passive or active means a completely new design and a BIG job. (6-18months assuming you already have measurement equipment, know how to take accurate measurements AND have done crash course in 2-way passive crossover design.)


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      I agree 100%. Thanks for the reply.

      The enclosures and baffle wall are all going to be extremely rigid, but that's the easy part. I'm good for a subwoofer so I'm ok with the simplicity of a sealed box.

      I didn't know if anyone had any "tips" on the statement crossovers, like "this resistor here does this" and whatnot.

      Either way, I'm going to build the speakers and test them out. If I can't figure it out being passive, I'll be running 3 speaker wires to each enclosure when built incase I go active.


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        I would consider building new boxes for your testing. In the event that you get the opportunity to have space for the open back speakers again, it would be nice to swap the drivers back over and go to town.

        The original design of these speakers have a really awesome unique presentation. I haven't heard the Statements specifically but I have another of their designs. For HT use, I think you would be better suited getting something similar to one of DIYsoundgroup's offerings. They are better suited for HT applications especially since you are okay with using a subwoofer.

        One thing to consider is if the drivers will even work well in a in-wall situation. Do you by chance have a picture of the speakers?


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          There will be all new boxes being built. I agree with keeping the originals, too. The previous owner/builder did a great job and I would feel horrible cutting them up.

          Here is a PDF of the rough layout of the fireplace. The width of the fireplace is 100".
          Fireplace Rough Layout.pdf

          Here's a picture of the statements.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_60462.jpg
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          Thanks for the replies,



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            Tall ceilings! It will be nice having that ceiling reflection so far away. How far are you going to be sitting away from your speakers? If you can set up sort of an equilateral triangle between your sitting position and the L&R frontspeakers that will help with imaging etc. Also, the L&R tweeters seem to be way too high.

            I say, haul these things to your listening area and let then woo for a few weeks, you know... temporarily.


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