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What to build with parts on hand? Recommendations needed

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  • What to build with parts on hand? Recommendations needed

    As technodanvan works on the "Singularity" build, while waiting on his Ardents to be completed, I too am eager to start another speaker project while the Isiris Mini design is being developed.

    As opposed to buying additional drivers, I figured I check my current inventory and see if fellow forum members have any suggestions on how these parts can be utilized together.

    Tweeters (2 of each):
    CSS - LD25X
    SB Acoustics - SB29RDC-C0004
    SB Acoustics - SB26ADC-C0004
    Satori - TW29RN-B
    Peerless - DX25TG59-04
    Peerless - DX20BF00-04
    Tranducer Labs - T26CS-6
    ESS - Great Heil AMT

    Waveguides (2 of each):
    Visaton WG-148R

    Mid (2 of each):
    Peerless TG9FD10-04
    Peerless TC9FD18-08

    SB Acoustics SB17NRXC35-8
    SB Acoustics SB17MFC35-8
    Thiel - DRWF-053-001
    Satori - MW16P

    Woofers (2 of each):
    Dayton DA215-8
    Dayton RS225S-8
    CSS - SDX10
    Dayton Titanic MK4

    Additional info:
    -Happy to build a bookshelf or floor-stander, but prefer floor-stander
    -If two drivers above work well together, but a third needs to be purchased - I can be open to that (though preference is still towards using parts on hand).

    I did find the following thread at PartsExpress - TechTalk: Budget Duelund Three-way , utilizing the following parts:
    Peerless - DX20BF00-04
    Peerless TG9FD10-04
    Dayton DA215-8

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    Recommended kit or established design?

    Or which drivers to use if designing your own 3 way floorstander?


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      Originally posted by tktran View Post
      Recommended kit or established design?

      Or which drivers to use if designing your own 3 way floorstander?
      Well - maybe the latter. I'm hoping forum members here may have used the aforementioned components before and can make suggestions on which combinations (2-way/3-way) to try.

      I too have thought of some options (e.g, Heil AMT + Dayton RS225, or the CSS-SDX10+Theil+CSSLD25X) - but open to recommendations.


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        Dual Dayton RS225 in a cardioid woofer enclosure, MTM with the Heil, and dual rear firing SDX10's pressure zone loaded to the back wall. Maybe an active LR4 crossover at 125Hz - 150Hz, depending on your calculated room Schroeder frequency, between the SDX woofers and the RS225. Consider PR's or maybe just a light Linkwitz transform on the SDX10's.

        This is your homework assignment... for the next six months? :T



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          That's a heck of a homework assignment!
          - Danny


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            Originally posted by technodanvan View Post
            That's a heck of a homework assignment!
            Haha - I couldn't agree more. Glad Jon gave me six months ;-). While I doubt I'll take this project in the direction Jon posted (if for no other reason than too many additional drivers will need to be purchased), I did find the articles posted to be an interesting read.

            It makes me wonder if there is any point in building full-range speakers without first verifying whether the ultimate placement of speakers (typically only one option in most households) will allow for sufficient bass performance as the listening position.

            With that said, I'm typically not a huge fan of bookshelves. While visually they take up less space, they still occupy the same (similar enough) floor space (after considering the stands) as floorstanders and are more prone to being tipped over.


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              You have some really nice parts lying around, are these from projects that fell apart or just knowledge you might want to use them someday?

              I tend to agree on bookshelves vs. floorstanders, for a dedicated music area it just makes more sense to me. That said, the links Jon provided do suggest a moderately sized bookshelf with sub(s) may make for a better experience unless you can EQ the bass section of the floorstanders.
              - Danny


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                Some were retained parts from sold builds (e.g. CSS SDX10 from Continuum 3-way), while others were from partial trade/sale deals, and few from impulse purchases from special sales (e.g. Heil, Peerless mids, etc.)

                I guess I could go with a bookshelf, with a pair of sealed 1.0cuft CSS SDX10 - running off a MiniDSP-HD + Plinius Amp (sats) + QSC PLX3402 (subs).

                Just messing around this evening with some inexpensive parts (Peerless - DX20BF00-04, Peerless TG9FD10-04, Dayton DA215-8). Seems like there is potential here.

                Tweeter (click to enlarg):

                Mid (click to enlarg). Don't know what going with the squiggles from 500Hz - 2,000Hz - might need to re-do measurements

                Woofer (click to enlarg):


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                  Promising indeed, nothing wrong with a high value design. Good looking plan for the baffle as well.
                  - Danny


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                    Well, that's one road i'd approve Efalegalo. There's been some effort to make something very similar into commercial project but Covid f*ed it up big time.

                    Firts test cabinet

                    Tweeter measurement

                    Second test cabinet

                    Tweeter second measurement

                    Third test


                    Prototype - MDF coated with 3 coats of PU varnish to seal it.

                    Measurements of prototype

                    Tweeter mods
                    DIY (Do it yourself): Cabinetry, speakers, subwoofers, crossovers, measurements. Jon and Thomas have probably designed and built as many speakers as any non-professionals. Who are we kidding? They are pros, they just don't do it for a living. This has got to be one of the most advanced places on the net to talk speaker building, period.

                    Further development

                    Tesla; George Carlin;


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                      I’ve done an homage to Jon’s work with these drivers as well.
                      In my opinion, the woofer is the weak link, but the midrange and tweeter are worthy of a very serious woofer.




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                        Originally posted by gregrueff View Post
                        In my opinion, the woofer is the weak link......

                        I agree with you. Took some distortion measurements of the DA215, and there is something funky going on around 1.8Khz. Now --- in all honest - the woofer is mounted in a poorly built box. Something very quick and (maybe a bit too) dirty.

                        I'm going to build another box and make sure it's adequately sealed and re-try taking measurements.

                        Last edited by Efalegalo; 20 June 2021, 11:42 Sunday.


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                          The squiggles between 500Hz and 4Khz is a combination of baffle step and edge diffraction, depending on the driver placement on the baffle and the mic position (reference axis)

                          Getting that area between 1-4KHz smooth and flat for all off aids angles is a pain, and I think one of the key things to do to resolve it, or at least make it easier, is to put a big fat 1” roundover on the sides, or an asymmetric chamfer like Zvu’s baffle.

                          At the very least that way you don’t get misled when you are trying to optimise for the on-axis.

                          I know I’m supposed to optimise for the listening window, but then my phase tracking isn’t as nice…


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