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If anyone has Amazon Prime, “reach” for the remote and watch Reacher

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  • If anyone has Amazon Prime, “reach” for the remote and watch Reacher

    Just binged this show over the past week. Great for fans of action and mystery (do try to remained unspoiled). I found the Cruise movies decent, especially as I had no stake as a fan of the books (never read any of them) but they hit it out of the park with the casting this time.

    A perfect diversion from the dreary winter.

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    I started watching season 1 two weeks ago. Like you, I was pretty happy with the Cruise movies although the character from the books just didn't fit Cruise. Alan Ritchson certainly fills the bill physically and his soft-spoken nature is good too. It's good to see toxic masculinity with no gender confusion again. After slogging my way through the latest abortion called Star Trek Discovery, this was a welcome change


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      I've been a long time fan of the novels, and Prime member- so it was a natural to try! VERY happy with how this first season was done and the faithfulness to the novels. Details matter!

      Recommended for anyone- Prime member or not- it's well worth paying for if you're not Prime and your a Jack Reacher fan!
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