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Rotel RSP 1098 Multi-Input Channel RCA

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  • Rotel RSP 1098 Multi-Input Channel RCA

    I was hoping someone could help me with my Rotel RSP 1098. Although its old, I have fell in love with the sound that it has produced. I am using this in combination to my RMB 1095. I use the multi input channel to connect my Oppo 103D to the RSP 1098.

    One day, I noticed that the center channel output (both 1 and 2 on the pre out) has stopped functioning. I decided to have it diagnosed by Rotel (Philippines) and have been told that due to age (wear and tear) the connection inside the female rca plug has disintegrated. I have also noticed that some of the female plug (especially the front left ) is also becoming loose and have heard a plastic crack. And now the front left is also non functional. The result from Rotel repair is that the board will need to be replaced but they are worried that the board may not be available anymore.

    I really loved this pre amp and I was hoping someone can provide an advise as to whether its possible to replace the rca female plug. Thanks in advance.