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Denon 2900 or 2910?

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  • Denon 2900 or 2910?

    Can you tell me which one you would choose and why? I can't find a spec comparison of the two.


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    I ended up getting the 2910 only because of the additional formats it could handle.


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      Originally posted by boe
      Can you tell me which one you would choose and why? I can't find a spec comparison of the two.

      try this Denon 2910.

      and this 2900

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      Bad Pics of my system


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        Thanks - I don't think there was a clear choice. The 2900 is much better for somethings and the 2910 has many features the 2900 doesn't. I got the 2910 but I'm sure either way I would have wanted the other.


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          Also remember that the 2900 and 2910 started in different price ranges. The 2900 was originally $1000 before being cleared out for around $600 for the forthcoming 3910 (the 2900's replacement). I plan on getting a 2900 this month on clearence (or used if the price is right).


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            My 2910 arrived today. I watched one movie so far and it briefly had the macroblocking issue. I checked and I have the latest firmware. I can only blame myself


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              So, prices for a

              2900 = $600
              2910 = $650
              3910 = $1300

              Is the 3910 really worth that much or double the performance of the 2910? How do the 2900 & 2910 really compare?

              Or should I just hold of replacing my 2800mk2, since HD and Blueray are comming out in a ~year?

              Does anyone just make a DVD-A player anymore? Or are they all SACD/DVD-A? I know adcom has one, but it got horrible reviews for video...good reviews for sound.


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                I'm aware both Rotel and Arcam, among others I'm sure, support DVD-A but not SACD.


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                  The DVD Benchmark Shootout might help you somewhat. The 2900 is still ranked 4 points ahead of the 2910 but I personally do not consider that a lot of spread.

                  There are some good reviews below the ratings.


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                    Based on the reviews, if you can get a good enough price on a used 2900 or refurbished go for it.

                    Otherwise, get a NEW 2910.

                    If you have cash to burn, 3910 is the way to go, but that is a chunk of change when we all know HD and Blueray are around the corner and the upgrade bug will soon hit!


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                      e-cost already has 3910's at $723... not too bad considering dealer cost is around $900. They also have the 2910's at $422 and 1910's at $162. It doesn't make much sense but their 2900's are still at $549. I think that's what I paid for mine over a year ago. All of these refurbished of course.

                      Dealer cost on the 2900 hasn't moved any since the new models have arrived.


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                        Is it 'safe' to buy refurbished?


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                          I think so... especially Denon products because they are tested by Denon before being sent to the refurb e-tailer. My 2900 has not given me any problems and it looked just like a brand spankin' new one when I got it.

                          I believe there are several here who have purchased refurb's and been reasonably happy. I have a local friend who purchased a Denon 1200 from e-cost and he's been happy with his unit. It looked brand new as well.

                          I don't know that the refurb units might not be safer to buy than a new unit because of the fact they are freshly tested by Denon techs. Usually any other known issues are resolved at that time as well.

                          To be safe I would purchase an extended warranty... they are usually very inexpensive.


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                            I don't really care about having a DVI or HDMI (I'm using my DVI for HDTV) out which was the main advantage I felt the 2910 had over the 2900. Being equally into audio & video I just chose the 2900 for the superior audio features...I got it from Listenup brand new with full warranty for $599. It will replace a Pioneer 563-A I've been using for SACD & DVD-A and the Harmon DVD-101 which was a great buy from HK on eBay @ $137...the HK picture qualtiy & Redbook CD quality are much better BTW.


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                              Glad to hear you went with listenup. They were fantastic when I ordered my 2900. Highly recommended eTailer.