Mod(s) for DVD2900?

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  • clm811
    Junior Member
    • Nov 2002
    • 24

    Mod(s) for DVD2900?

    Any body know of any simple mods for the DVD2900? There's lots of room inside the unit to work, and the power supply looks kinda "wimpy"(see image at:

    I'd like to improve the sonics, once the 1 year warranty is up. -chas
    Charles Moore
  • Hank
    Super Senior Member
    • Jul 2002
    • 1345

    Well, I've read lots of posts about mods to SACD players, so the basic cocepts will apply. As with most consumer gear, the power supply probably could benefit from some tweaks. Modders tend to replace diodes and bridge rectifiers with high speed, soft recovery parts - Harris is a popular brand. Also on the list is replacement of power supply board and other electrolytics with Black Gate electro's. Some replace op amps and some replace carbon composition resistor with metal film ones. And, there's chassis and transport dampening. Some apply dampeing sheets to the inside of the chassis and to the transport.
    What's easy? Dampening materials, electrlytic cap replacement. Then maybe the diodes, then op amps.
    I won't get into the sonic benefits of the stratospherically priced Black Gate caps :LOL:


    • JonMarsh
      Mad Max Moderator
      • Aug 2000
      • 15315

      While you're at it, replace all the electrolytic bypass caps in the transport and digital sections with Sanyo OSCON or Uniited Chemicon Aluminum polymer caps; much lower ESR, lower high frequency impedance. For an extra tweak, use a 1206 packaged surface mount Y5V 1uF ceramic cap across the pints of each electrolytic.

      Get some thin copper foil/sheet, and make "sheilds" for all of the VLSI IC's in the transport and digital section, glueing them on top (cuts HF radiation from the chip into surrounding circuitry- ever made a "sniffer" probe and looked around the noise coming off the digital circuits?); if you want to be OCD about it, connect them to circuit ground. Most mass market gear uses pretty crappy bypass techniques; each Vdd/Vcc pin should be bypassed directly to ground at the pin with a high grade MLC ceramic; so should reference pins on the IC (look up the data sheets from the manufacturer). ESPECIALLY the clock generator and subsequent logic, each power pin should be individually byapassed.

      Most of these players have an adequate, though certainly not overbuilt power supply; improving the bypass locally for each IC is the simplest way for the home experimenter to "clean up their act" without going to outrageous length, such as building their own shunt regulated class A power supply (most power supplies are "class B", single ended; as the trasconductance of the pass device varies with the output current, under low load conditions, transconductance is low, and incremental open loop output impedance relatively high. Combine a good series pass regulator with a shunt regulator to make the load current relatively constant, and the output impedance of the supply drops radically, which is a good thing...).

      We return control of the analog portion of this show to your normally sponsored programming....

      THEN, after you've done this "clean up work" in the digital section, go spruce up the analog

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      • clm811
        Junior Member
        • Nov 2002
        • 24

        Thanks, guys!
        .(Be careful what you ask for...)
        Well, I DID ask, didn't I!!
        Now to wait out the one yaer warranty...
        -chas 8O
        Charles Moore


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