Old School Lanzar CS64

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  • tkrn
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    Old School Lanzar CS64

    Image not available

    I have a set inside of an EPI Model 70 Series 3 box with replaced tweeters that are Pioneer and the setup just jams! I found a spec sheet which had to be translated from Russian to English.

    I am looking to do my first DIY project with two sets of these similar to the project Dayton RS 3-Ways. I wanted to gather your thoughts on the speaker and if that would be a good speaker to use. I do like the sound of the speaker already, its a solid speaker, and its not the new junk lanzar, this one is from the original opti series.

    With a different spec here on the original packaging Here's the CATCH! Look at the Russian site, frequency response and power handling are different!?!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Lanzar_6_5_mid_driver_1_1.jpg
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    Thanks for ANY input. much appreciated.
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  • JonMarsh
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    Well, if you have measurement equipment, you can do whatever you wish-

    the frequency response of the graphs you link to looks easy to work with. To be able to develop a speaker accurately, you do need to be able to measure the drivers in your build cabinets- I know that many people will try using a complicated methodology to trace and import graph measurements (made under what conditions?) and use a modeling program like BDS to predict the frequency response on a given baffle, then import to software for developing the crososver- the thing is, small errors will tend to cascade and multiply.

    If you want to use these drivers, my recommendation is you must be prepared to measure and design. If you don't have measurement and design capability, then building a known design like the Dayton RS 3-way will most likely be a more reliable path to the end goal.
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