Which Version of D26NC55?

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  • TNRRClassic
    • Nov 2006
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    Which Version of D26NC55?

    I only have one last D26NC55. It is the original European version, before they went to China. However, I need to build at least two more, and want matching tweeters. The specs from Solen and Madisound/Speaker City are fairly different. The Solen ones are cheaper and the heat sink looks quite a bit different. Has anyone actually compared the two side by side? I'm going to get some ordered ASAP to get these last ones finished. Are the Solen ones really alright, or is the more original style preferred? Thanks so much.
  • knifeinthesink
    Senior Member
    • Jan 2006
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    Someone asked about using the Solen d26 in one of Jon Marsh's design since the original is not available. I believe he said it was fine. You'd have to search to find his response but it might be in the Modula NeoD build thread.

    If you want matching drivers, maybe you should sell the ones you have and buy three pairs of the Solens. Shoujld be easy to sell since alot of people seem to miss them.


    • Doug Fraser
      • Apr 2004
      • 62

      I asked the question

      My question is in post 335 (scroll down) and Jon's response in post 336

      My NeoD CC build used tweeters from Madisound.

      I have 2 tweeters from Solen waiting for me to build another pair of NeoD CC's.

      This is a very good speaker (I like them better than my 1991 vintage B&W 802's).

      Highly recommended!

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      • TNRRClassic
        • Nov 2006
        • 54

        I like this speaker better than the Modula MT and the old Cerwin Vega speakers I previously had. They are much better.

        I read that thread, but Jon was talking about how the heat sink was a different color. The ones pictured on the Solen site have a square or rectangular heat sink. Also, the specs listed on Solen's site are pretty different from those on Madisound or Speaker City. The specs weren't just a little different. That is what had me concerned. I guess I'll just try them anyway. Thanks very much.


        • JonMarsh
          Mad Max Moderator
          • Aug 2000
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          The data online at Solen for the D26NC5506 looks like it should be OK- impedance and SPL response are in the ball park.
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