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  • MANTI5
    Junior Member
    • Nov 2009
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    My first build

    If my measurements are correct I have a 104L box that I'm trying to get correctly finished. I have a Shiva-X2 and 2 3" flared ports at 17" long(what the precision ports came as). I'm looking to get down to 20Hz or so with a 500 watt amp, either the PE Bash or Dayton.
    Can someone run the measurements and let me know how much longer my ports need to be to get tuned and maybe a suggestion of which amp would be the better of those 2? I've messed around with WinISD Pro but don't understand all the results or if I may have put something in wrong.
  • Licinius
    • Sep 2006
    • 70

    They need to be about 24", total length, for 20hz in a 104L box. I don't have experience with either of those amps.


    • fbov
      Senior Member
      • Jun 2008
      • 479

      May I suggest you try Unibox. I've not used WinISD because I like Unibox.

      And if Unibox is to be believed, you get a sub-20 Hz F3 all right, but you need more port.
      - 1x6" @ 1.036m or about 40" long
      - 2x4" @ 0.945m or about 38"
      - 3x3" @ 0.889m or about 35"

      You can use the two ports you've got, lengthed to ~20", but you'll hear the ports chuffing at anything more than 100W. that's not a good design choice for this driver.

      I'll suggest that unless you have a very large room or like it very loud (115dB), you'll do fine with a sealed sub once you add in room gain and perhaps some EQ. I have a Tempest X in a 3 cu ft sealed box driven by the Oaudio 500W BASH plate amp, chosen because I like it's features over the comparable PE amps. At my listening position in a 2,700 cu ft room, after optimization, I'm fairly flat to 10 Hz despite a predicted F3 of ~32Hz. Room gain is non-trivial for these subs....

      Have fun,


      • MANTI5
        Junior Member
        • Nov 2009
        • 3

        So with the 2 flared ports I have, even lengthened, there's no way around port noise?
        The box is built except for cutting the holes for the ports and amp, so if there's no way to do this ported I guess I could make it sealed. Would that model out ok?


        • MANTI5
          Junior Member
          • Nov 2009
          • 3

          Ok, slight change to make. I went over my measurements and found out what I did wrong, I was measuring the internal volume AND putting in material thickness into the calculator. So it turns out I'm looking at 131.574L instead.
          What can we do with that to get down around 20 or so with what I have?

          Edit: 133.543 without ports which is where I'm leaning now as it doesn't look like I can get it done without port noise. If I go with the O audio 500 Bash amp, what kind of performance am I looking at with this sealed?
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