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New Project... Need help =)

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  • New Project... Need help =)

    Hi all!

    I'm building a new house and well... I'll get a big basement to have fun with

    So.... I'd like to build a listening room (stereo and HT)

    2x802D (front)
    2x803D (surround)
    1xhtm2d (center)
    SSP-800 (pre/pro)
    Ca-5100 (amp)
    CDT-300 (cd/dvd disc transport)
    Denon 3800 (bluray player)
    Mitsubishi HC6000 (projector) on a 106 inch screen.

    And planning on adding another set of 803d for back surround and a ca-3200 to power front while the 5100 will provide surround power...

    17' wide (at front) and 19' wide (at back) (non parallel wall)
    10' height
    23' long

    Any suggestion for accoustic of the room?!? Size room?
    from now.. :
    - Carpet on the floor.
    - Accoustic pannel each side of the room.
    - 8 to 10 inch of rockwool behind the walls
    - Sonopan

    How about the ambient temperature, since we have to seal everything up, it would be awkward to put some air flow in the ceiling... So I really dunno how I can temp this room. Convect-air? What for air cooling? thx

    Thanks for any suggestion
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    If carpet isn't in yet... you could lay down under floor heating: Simply a run of plastic tubing, with a very thin layer of cement in/on top. Then hooks up to a water heater/cooler... and the heat/cold radiates up from the floor. This is GREAT in the winter, to curl up on a nice warm carpet and watch a movie.
    If carpet is in... it isn't that big of a deal to pull it up, roll it up... move it and install your radient heating, then replace the carpet. Either rent a stretcher, or have an install team come restreatch it for you.
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      good idea landspeeder
      I'll do some research about it


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        No Problem
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          Problems with that type of heating is there is a lot of room for error and malfunction. I've heard of the tubing breaking and what not. Also your going to be wasting a lot of that heat into the ground if the concrete sits on the ground (foundation?) Maybe its not so much that its a big deal but seems like it would be? I'm not completely sure on this its just logical thinking on my part.


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            Dougie085, right... I think i'll go with with air ventilion and a little "trap" I can put on to seal everything when I want to watch in a "perfect condition" :P


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              Now if you had raised floors that had a crawl space under the house you could put the tubing on the underside of the house and insulate it a lot. This would radiate more of the heat into the house.


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