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  • Soundproofing

    Hello All,

    Was just curious if anyone had any tips on soundproofing. Basically atm the entire basement is gutted atm. So I'm free to to do as I want but cost effective as well. I'll be needing to soundproof walls and ceiling in my application. I've found this site, and the staggering of the framing looks like the way I am going to go. But I wanted to ask here if anyone has used this company's products or if someone could possably recommend other forms of sound proofing. Idealy I would like to have all sound transmission minimized to none but that's not possable. Basically I'm looking to do this the most cost effective way as I can. From what I've been reading on that website I listed above I can do all of that, the wood floor above the room will need to be removed anyhow and I could easily rip the floors down to the joists at that point. Termites have had their fun in this house so like I said this is feasable.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    Maybe this might help

    I was in a band in high school. We crancked our amps to the max, and it didn't make it livable for the rest of my friend's household. At the time, we were given an ultamatem. Turn it down or soundproof . It took us about a month, and we managed to soundproof (somewhat) our friends basement. With sheets of material that looked like egg cartons. I'm sorry, I can't remember the name ops: The result was that the sound would reverberate inside the basement, instead of out. Your contractor probably has heard of the material, because of it's use in recording studios.

    I hope this helps.


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      That egg creat stuff won't help the lower freq's from escaping as that's a physical problem. Staggering the studs is a good start and using resilient channeling to mount the drywall to will help a great deal. Maybe give Erik's site a look over as that's what he did and has some nice pictures to help you visualize the idea. E-Cinema


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        Any idea on how well this way worked? Also what type of insulation did he use? Very nice job he did and that link is a great help!! Thanks


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          Resiliant channel can work, but you have to be very careful. If it isn't installed properly, it can make things even worse.

          Me, I used staggered studs, double drywall, Acoustiblok in the walls, and Acoustik Mat on the floor with double plywood subfloor.

          Well, we're safe for now. Thank goodness we're in a bowling alley.
          - Pleasantville


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            I used double drywall, one mounted to the studs, then channel, then another.

            It was kind of a pain, and the drywall installers didn't do it right and had to come back and redo it.

            If I could redo, I would skip the channel in favor for the staggered studs.

            For the cieling, I would have done staggered studs as well, since these would be lowered down in the room, I'd rest them on the stagered walls.

            All walls and cieling were insulated with regular home insulation.

            For my ductwork, I had an hvac guy make me some lined ducts using JM's ductliner (I forget the actual product name sorry)

            I didn't use acoustiblock, or anything else that fancy. Though becuase of the layout, I ended up with two doors with about 3 feet between them.

            I made some mistakes - I installed can lights - this wasn't a big problem acoustically, but I wear glasses and the glare is a pain in the ... I've seen many theater pictures with wall sconce lights -and that's how I'd go if I had to do it again.

            Overall I'm very happy with the the rooms ability to keep sound contained, but it's not perfect. I can listen at reasonable levels 80db? without bothering the rest of the house, but the low freqencies make their way out, especially at louder volumes (though I'm not sure you can do anything about that - the fact that low frequency makes it up 2 flights from the basement tells me there's little else I could do.)

            Here's the inside of the room, I'll try and post some construction pics...

            - Jack
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              Regarding soundproofing, if it is a basement theater and it located in a corner (2 walls will be next to 2 rooms and obviously the ceiling). The other 2 walls are like 10" thick fieldstone foundation that is sub ground.

              Should we even worry about soundproofing the 2 conjoining wall's that no rooms are next to? I mean... 10" fieldstone foundation is one hell of a sound barrier itself wouldn't you think?

              So really should we just soundproof the cieling and the 2 walls that are next to 2 rooms only?


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                Bimmer528, Yes and no, You should still stuff insulation between the studs to keep the air from resonating.

                in my install, I did a single layer of 5/8 drywall on the 2 foundation walls, and stud, 5/8 drywall, zchannel, 5/8 drywall for the interior walls with insulation between all studs all the way round.

                If you are doing acoustiblock, and you don't do the foundation walls, then you've got potential for pressure to hit the concrete and then upstairs.
                Last edited by basementjack; 22 February 2005, 22:57 Tuesday.


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                  I was referring to the staggered stud's and possibly buying soundproofing for those walls. Insulation is a must and was going to do that anyway. Doubling up drywall for those wall's is really simple and cheap.. not opposed to doing that at all but as far as channeling, staggered, taking those extra steps regarding time and money.. is it worth it?


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                    Hey Bimmer,

                    So you're saying for sure you'll do the interior to interior walls, the question was about the interior to foundation walls right?

                    if so then no I wouldn't think it would make sense to double wall that.


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                      yea I was referring only to the two walls that are next to foundation. That would get insulated. As for the other walls, the options are out there.. Staggering or channeling. Using soundproofing material (not drywall) for the interior to interior walls and ceiling.

                      Still wouldn't hurt to double up drywall those foundation walls right? Cheap solution and added barrier that may hit the wall and travel up?

                      Im the thread starters bro in law btw.. so were doing this together. :P

                      Personally, I cant wait to start building.. I'm a geek like that


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                        Bimmer's my brother in law btw. These questions are for the same project. thanks for the help all


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                          I really hate when Bimmer hijacks my comp :twisted: prior post was me


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                            Any news on the products from the site you listed? I am just building too and appreciate the web site. I have a call in to them, no reply yet. Let me know what you found out? My room is also in the basement corner, so two walls will be "live" the others will be next to foundation.


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                              Another company / site is Auralex's

                              I recal it has a bit of info on soundproofing a room. Auralex is a great company to deal with.


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                                So... what did you decide? Curious what you found out.


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                                  basementjack, you are them man. Thank you for all your help dude. Its peeps like you that help newbs like me can accompish things right :P

                                  btw, where you from in Chicago?

                                  Burr Ridge here.


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                                    No Problem, Bimmer, sent you a PM


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                                      What did you decide? Any insights?


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                                        We're still unsure on exactly what type of material we are going to be using, but we are going to be staggering the wall and doing double drywall. The ceiling we'll be using insulation, resilient channeling and some sort of acoustic blocking material. This material we'll be using on all walls and including the ceiling, That's the part we are not sure what we'll be using yet. As far as the insulation goes I believe it's called Owen's Corning 703, we haven't located that material as of yet I've checked Home depot and they do not carry it. Also we'll be using a special caulk made for these types of application, I believe your suppose to use it on the framing prior to applying the drywall, seal around any outlets and such and caulk around the floor where it meets the drywall/trim. We're still a little clueless on this whole thing but hopefully it will come together as we are building it. We are planning on talking with a friend of friend who use to do this as a profession so that should help out as well.
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                                          I just got some rigid fiberglass samples sent from John's manville - they had a section on their website to send free samples.

                                          I did a simple audition by holding the sample in front of my speaker and listening to the difference. The 2" stuff was easily the best. 1" wasn't bad. If anyone's interested in more detail, post a reply to this thread and I'll dig up the samples and product names.

                                          Anyhow the reason for the post...
                                          Reno - OC703 is hard to find, most likely special order everywhere.
                                          There's a product that heating contractors use for lining ductwork for sound control - generically, it's called ductliner the JohnsManville trade name is Linacoustic.

                                          I bring this to your attention for two reasons:
                                          reason1: Being a heating product, it might be easier for you to find - I was able to buy 40 sq feet of a local heating contractor.
                                          reason2: Being designed for installation in a vent, I feel more comfortable having this insulation in my room - it has a coating on the airflow side.

                                          - Jack


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                                            I appreciate all the info all of you have been giving, it's been very useful and helpful. If this project ever get's going I'll be sure to keep you all updated with Pictures and such. I'll have to make Bimmer make a website showing what we did.. I'm so very clueless on how to do that he's the expert =P


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                                              Originally posted by Andrew Pratt
                                              I just spend a great deal of time going over ALL of that, cant imagine how long that took.
                                              He did a great job! :T


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                                                Hey Basement Jack: I would be interested in the sample. Where did you say you got it? Have you compared it to say Acoustiblok, or other stuff?


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                                                  Anyone have any experience or opinions with this stuff?


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                                                    Hi Reno,

                                                    About 30 years ago my Dad installed some big name soundproofing insulation in an insurance company office. They were walls around a loud office machine at the time.

                                                    Certainteed is a big name brand for sure.


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                                                      Rolyasm: The link is at the bottom of this page: (as of 3-2005)

                                                      Just to clarify, my interest in this type of product is to control echo and standing waves inside a room, not to prevent transmission to the outside which is what acoustiblock is for.

                                                      - Jack


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                                                        Hey guys! I was just going through some old emails and missed one where Andrew sent me this thread link...sorry for not responding. I don't cruise the forums much anymore.

                                                        To answer your questions, I used normal batting, nothing special like the acoustically rated stuff. Couple that with the roofing material and RC on the don't hear ANYTHING upstairs unless you're playing it insanely loudl. What you do "FEEL" rather and sometimes hear are the extreme LFE scenes...reason is, before I knew better, I DID NOT decouple my stage from the front sound travels up the wall to the rooms upstairs.

                                                        Other than that, and it never bothers anyone anyway...I'm happy with the results. Though having designed numerous rooms since then...I so want to tear down and do mine all over again! :B

                                                        Glad you all are finding some good products, there are many to choose from...but be careful...just because they're out there...does not mean it is needed in all rooms and in all circumstances. I've seen too many people waste time and money doing things, just because they see others do it, and it does not have the desired results.
                                                        Last edited by efarstad; 09 March 2005, 23:24 Wednesday.

                                                        The Norwegian A/V Nut!


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                                                          Hey E... good to hear from you.

                                                          I second E's soundproofing... I used normal insulation in my walls. I used two layers of R-13.

                                                          I did stagger stud my walls and used rubberoid between all the contact points with the main house walls and I used a double solid door system.

                                                          I also used two sheets of 5/8" sheetrock on the interior walls and interior ceiling.

                                                          All walls and the ceiling are 6".


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                                                            Wow, Sonnie, a 6" high ceiling? How do you fit in your theater? :W

                                                            Well, we're safe for now. Thank goodness we're in a bowling alley.
                                                            - Pleasantville


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