Well folks, my Motorola SD9-HD bluetooth headset has started a buzzing, rattling sound in the left earpiece. Similar to the sound that you get from a car speaker that has dirt in it or a busted foam surround. After many, many years of using this headset, I am going to assume that the driver inside this unit has broken and is now rattling.

That being said and being a dude that just LOVES wireless headphones when outside (The advantage cannot be denied!), I have ordered after careful research, the "Backbeat 903+ Improved Bluetooth Stereo Headset W/Dual-Mic" from Plantronics (Used to be Altec Lansing). Apparently the new Motorola replacement to what I have now, The SD10-HD is not very good, largely due to the fact that they gave up apparently, the SRS WOW technology that was in the SD-9's. Why is anyone's guess but nobody likes the sound out of the new one's.....so I am going to believe them and walk away from them.

Wish me luck and wait (If you can bare it!!) for my upcoming review of this new headset when I try it out!. I'm a bit of an audio snob (Aren't we all??!!) so you can be sure that I will trash these babies if they are in ANY way, not as good as my old Motorola S9's !!. I will be pairing them to my new Samaung Galaxy NoteII which as I have mentioned here in this forum, has exceptional audio quality and audio adjustment options. :T