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My Gadget of the year !!

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  • My Gadget of the year !!

    Review of Motorokr S9-HD (High definition, wireless bluetooth headphones)

    One of the best presents my wife ever gave me!. If you have a bluetooth enabled phone or MP3 player, these headphones let you listen wirelessly with amazing sound quality. It uses Microsofts SRS WOW sound enhancement technology to improve depth and soundstage. When I first paired it up to my HTC Pda, I couldn't believe how good the musical presentation was!. Many people have flamed these on the internet however, but I suspect that some PDA's do not receive and broadcast via bluetooth as well as others. Another thing is that the antenna on these is located at the back so the PDA or music device must be located in back of you or even better, on an armband facing backwards. The closer to the headset to the source, the better. If you put your player in your front pocket, your going to get cutouts.

    If your PDA is A2DP compliant, you can also receive calls and talk via the built in mike (Hands free), change tracks, increase or decrease the volume, pause the music etc...all via buttons located on the sides of the headset.

    I love music on the go and these produce great sound without wires!. :T
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    Dan Madden :T

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    Nice review. I've yet to be impressed by any wireless audio device - speaker or headphones. It's nice to hear some progress is being made.

    However, if you can't get a good signal with the source in your pocket, I'm not sure I see much of benefit.
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      @baniels...the issue with the headphones is where the antenna is located on the headset, which is at the back of the headphones. If you are indoors, it doesn't really matter where the source is. But, if you are outdoors, everything changes and the signal has no walls to bounce off of, so the source has to be at least in a direct line with the headphones.....meaning somewhere in the back of you. It's winter here so when I'm outside, I put my PDA inside the hood of my jacket which is hanging down behind my head, and I wear a hat instead. Works beautifully !!. Again as I said, some devices broadcast Bluetooth better than others so that can be a major issue if the broadcast signal is weak to begin with!. I have heard that the Ipod/Iphone is not A2DP compliant so that means that you would have limited use of the headset's features. You can play your music through the headset but you would have to use the ipod/iphone to change tracks and possibly change the volume.
      Dan Madden :T


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        ps...just as WiFi has completely changed computing, I believe wireless technology of all kinds is the way of the future!.
        Dan Madden :T


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