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Best PS3 racing game

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  • Best PS3 racing game

    I'm looking to get back into racing this generation and I'm looking for a good racing game for PS3...gran turismo-ish. I thought the last 4 were stellar. Problem is it's not out (I'm not sure when it's coming out?)...are there any titles that are worthy of my money? I tend to not spend money on games unless they are game-of-the-year type quality, and I enjoy the type where you earn money, upgrade parts, etc, with tons of options. Thanks for any advice!
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    Gran Turismo 5 has been out... they just are milking it and not releasing the full game. But there is the GT5 Prologue. Then there's GT5 Prologue: Spec III. They're both full games... but apparently, the REAL GT5 release will have a lot more cars and tracks. GT5 has to be one of the most impressive looking games I've seen too! Gorgeous, gorgeous graphics.
    I like the GT series, so I'm gonna recommend it. I only have that and Ridge Racer 7 (which is a crazy game). Earn money, upgrade parts... that is not available in this GT5 Prologue. I guess we'll have to wait for the REAL GT5 release before that is available again.
    You know, you could always go to the PSN Store and download a bunch of demos. That's what I love about the PS3.
    One game (that I never got into), but a lot of friends have told me it's a lot of fun is Midnight Club: Los Angeles. But I've never tried it. Just a bunch of my work friends were all into it.
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      I've been enjoying the GRID demo a lot, I'm trying to finish a few other games before I buy it. I rented GT5 Prologue, but didn't like it enough to buy it.

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        I've got the Formula 1 game from a couple of years back. It's OK...need a wheel though if you don't want to get frustrated.


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          Grid is amazingly nice! And if you like rally/offroad style stuff definitely check out Dirt.


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            I have all mentioned here and agree with all comments.

            Avoid Sega Rally - Dirt is the best Rally game for sure. Had such high hopes for Sega Rally but it kind of sucks.

            Burnout Paradise is great fun albeit not your typical racing game - it's a wide open style game and comes into it's own online - a must have imo.

            Oddly, I've not played any of the NFS games on the PS3 - I used to get them all for the PC but they 'pimped' them up way to much for me of late. I hate all those 'Fast and Furious' type games.

            Motorstorm is a riot - I enjoy that a lot - even still.

            Finally and it was the first game I got with the PS3 but Ridge Racer is great fun too. It one of the few games that's two player for the PS3 - useful when the buddies are over.

            Here's a link to all the racing games out for the PS3....

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              Thanks fellas! I'll get downloading some demos here quicklike. Can't wait for the real GT5 to come out, the last 4 were awesome!
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