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DST Problems?

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  • DST Problems?

    What would cause my computer to change DST a week early? The date is set right and everything..... Supposed to happen the first Sunday in November which would be this up coming weekend but my computer already changed. And when I update the time over the internet it sets it an hour early. I'm a bit baffled here..... Oh and the forum time is messed up as well? Is that done by each computers local clock? Unless DST was set to happen early this year. I know that happened a couple years ago or what not?

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    DST ends a week later than it used to a few years back.

    If your computer is running an old OS, or one that hasn't been updated in some time, it will still have the old DST parameters, which would cause it to change the last Sunday in October.

    The forum time is correct (at least I got the correct time on this post, which is 3:57 PM EDT). Your timezone is set in your forum profile (User CP, Edit Options, then scroll down to Date & Time Options). Here you can set your timezone and DST preferences for the forum, and posting times will reflect this. I did patch the server for the DST time change back when it happened (in '06 I believe).


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      Nope mine lists your post as 2:57pm and it's set to eastern. Also I'm running XP and I'm pretty sure it's been updated. It's really strange.


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        What are your DST settings in User CP, Edit Options, DST Correction Option?

        I get the correct time, and it's the forum that provides the timestamps, not your PC, so you probably have DST turned off in your profile.

        Here's the XP update to correct DST times on your PC:

        What do you see when you double-click the clock in your system tray?

        Here is the settings in my HTG profile for DST. Check yours and see if they're different:

        Or, worst case scenario, wait until Sunday and then the problem will take care of itself.
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          UPDATE: Dougie, I fixed your account. Forum timestamps should be correct for you now.

          I forgot that I'm an admin and can look behind the scenes. :lol: In the user database, there's a switch for "automatically adjust for DST" and another for "DST currently in effect". On your profile "automatically adjust" was on, but "DST currently in effect" was off. Don't know why, since it should have been "automatically" set to on, until next Sunday. Oh well, it's fixed now.

          All that's left is your XP's DST issue now...


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            Well it's really strange because before last weekend everything was set perfectly and the time was correct on the forum and my clock. In fact one of the reasons I was so screwed up about the time with was that it was different on both. My clock settings just say Eastern Standard Time. I'm not super worried about it because it was only a week early. Although it does seem to keep auto updating the time and going back an hour haha.


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              Hmm somehow my forum clock changed again.... This is really weird.


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                Yes, really weird... until I did some digging. It turns out that vBulletin includes some javascript code on each page that automatically updates your profile's DST setting based on your computer's DST setting. So, if your computer's clock is off (because your OS doesn't have the latest DST patch), it will set your profile's DST setting off as well, causing forum timestamps to be incorrect.

                That explains why your profile had DST off but mine was still on. If I turn it back on in your profile, it will just get flipped back off next time you hit the site.

                Either live with it until next week or install that XP patch I pointed you to...


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                  Yeah no worries. I do have my clock set to the proper time but I think what your talking about is weather DST is on or off which on my computer is whats messed up so it messes up the pages for me. So all is well I'll just live with it.

                  Oh I tried to install that XP update but it said that it was not compatible with some files on my computer. I don't know maybe this is a good time to install Vista X64 haha.


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                    I just ignore it for a week myself. Pretty sad though :lol:


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                      Do you have XP SP2 Dougie?


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