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  • Super Nerd Workstation 'O Death

    So I built the small PC I mentioned in the off topic thread (#5 below), and wanted to set everything up in such a way that I could easily do windows or linux programming or other misc/whatever stuff on the comps from one spot. The really cool part is this app I found called Synergy (, links all three comps (two dual boot linux/win, one windows-only), so I can actually mouse across all four screens/three computers and the keyboard/mouse becomes active for that PC. Very slick app, and supposedly works for macs too, I'd highly recommend it for those with multiple PCs of different OSes. I included the home theater gear in the pics too since I haven't really shown many pics of the setup. All this stuff is crammed into a 14'x12' room.

    1. 17" LCD 1280x1024, hooked up to #7
    2. 20" LCD 1600x1200, hooked up to #5
    3. 24" LCD 1920x1200, hooked up to #6
    4. 20" LCD 1600x1200, hooked up to #6
    5. WinXP/Ubuntu PC: In-Win mini-itx case, Intel D945GCLF, Intel Atom 230 CPU, 2GB RAM, 150GB WD Raptor, built-in Intel gfx
    6. WinXP PC: Thermaltake Armor case, Intel D975XBX, Intel Pentium D925 3GHz, 4GB RAM, 300GB WD Raptor, ATI Radeon HD3870
    7. WinXP/CentOS PC: Coolermaster Elite case, Asus P4P800, Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz, 1GB RAM, 250GB WD, 1TB WD
    8. Western Digital 1TB networked backup drive
    9. Denon 2307CI Receiver
    10. AT&T U-verse HDDVR
    11. Panasonic BD30K Blu-ray player
    12. Toshiba HD-XA2 HD-DVD player
    13. Belkin PF40 power center
    14. Behringer EP2500 amplifier
    15. Emotiva XPA-5 amplifier
    16. Statements 5 channel, all hooked up to #15
    17. Toby "Ranger" bandpass sub, hooked up to #14
    18. Samsung HLS6187W 61" DLP


  • #2 really have a recliner sitting there lol.


    • #3
      Best $20 I ever spent Swivels too. So it can swivel and become an HT chair lol. MULTIFUNCTION


      • #4
        God I'm so ready to buy a house... still got until first of next year at least though


        • #5
          You and me both Chuck.


          • #6
            ha ha, well it's been since Beginning of February for me and I still can't find a house I like... so good luck with that.

            Nice set up too!
            Digital Audio makes me Happy.


            • #7
              Thanks to a newegg sale....

              4x1TB = 2TB RAID 10 :twisted:
              can lose 2 drives and still not lose any data.


              • #8
                Originally posted by impala454
                4x1TB = 2TB RAID 10
                It's Raid 1+0 :P Cool setup anyway. :T


                • #9
                  I'd rather have 4TB of space... just get a backup system plus get more performance.

                  Like on my new Asus MB that allows for two 3G Sata connections to run like SLI/Crossfire video cards for a boosted performance. Definitely a nice feature that has quickened everything up!
                  Digital Audio makes me Happy.


                  • #10
                    Hey thank for the information on the Synergy program.

                    It works great. Right now I am typing and using the mouse on my Toshiba and it is appearing on the Dell...


                    • #11
                      and it only takes 1.21 gigawatts


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