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Latest Storm Worm lame attempt to infect your PC...

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  • Latest Storm Worm lame attempt to infect your PC...

    There have been spam emails going around that contain links to

    Don't click the link or else the latest botnet trojan will be downloaded to your PC.

    Here's a couple samples of the email:


    I know you hate these kind of emails but this one is different. Take out
    a min and you'll have some real fun. ;-)
    http: / / merry christmas dude dot com
    do you have a min?

    I am pretty sure this is up your alley, from the things you have told me
    before. Hey what can 1 min from your day hurt. You wont regret it for
    sure. ;-)
    http: / / merry christmas dude dot com
    In any case, delete any emails you receive that reference the aforementioned URL. Note that I obfuscated the URL in the samples above to prevent inadvertent infection...


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    Well, we're safe for now. Thank goodness we're in a bowling alley.
    - Pleasantville


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      Now the nummnuts are sending out New Years emails...

      With the url uhavepostcard dot com...

      So don't open those either!!!


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        I just had about the worst experience with a virus/worm ever the last couple nights. I'm currently living with my parents until I buy a house down here, and so I have a computer set up for them, and they're about as computer illiterate as it gets. My Dad saw some email that claimed to be from UPS, and ended up clicking some link in the email he shouldn't have. He comes over to me and says something's wrong, by the time I get to his computer it's rebooting itself with some app in the tray that's made to look like the windows security shield thing. I immediatly hard power the thing off, and go into my room to find my PC rebooting itself, only mine won't complete the reboot, just keeps rebooting over and over without ever getting to windows. So anyhow long story short, the thing hosed my main boot drive (a western digital raptor) to the point that I had to RMA it. Luckily my laptop was unaffected as it was off, as well as a backup networked external drive which was off. So I've been spending the last 3 nights douching all the computers in the house and reformat/reinstalling everything... this has by far been the worst I've ever seen any virus do.

        moral of the story... watch out for fake UPS emails. I told the parents from now on just to assume everything is fake and certainly never to click anything in any email.


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          A virus can't physically hose a drive, only the data on it. In other words, wiping/reformatting should have fixed it, unless something went physically wrong with the drive (nothing to do with the virus).

          Also, the UPS thing is actually a trojan, not a virus, in that it isn't self spreading. If your Dad infected his PC, it's mere coincidence that your PC's hard drive crapped out at the same time.

          My boss has been getting these in her email. I haven't seen any in mine (yet), but my home email has a homebrew high-tech spam and virus blocking technology that virtually nothing can get through. :nutkick:


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            Well it must have been a crazy coincidence if that was the case. I beg to differ though that a virus can't hose a piece of hardware. I learned through my Computer Science degree several ways to hose a piece of hardware using software (whether intentional or not). Luckily these punk virus builders don't have CS degrees. With software you can burn up monitors, video cards, blow speakers, wreck hard drives, re-write bioses, etc. Trust me I know first hand it is possible . Hardware only does what software tells it to do.


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