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Projector Dilemma!!! (Advice Please)

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  • Projector Dilemma!!! (Advice Please)

    i'm planning to buy my 1st Home theatre projector, but im very confused whether to go for a DLP or Budget is 2K, and 1 thing is sure that i want an XGA or a WXGA, all i could come down to is either a BENQ PB6200 or a Panasonic AE500...

    well ive heard DLP gives Headaches and Rainbow Effects, so i feel LCD would be a better Option, but then i read that LCD have limited life and then u have colour shifts and dead pixels and all that, is it true about the LCD projectors,

    please let me know the facts as i have to make a decision between Benq 6200 and panasonic AE500...

    and also if any1 can suggest any other good projector with XGA res and under 2k....

    Immaculate :T

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    ....another option is the SAnyo Z2 which is Panasonic`s biggest rival.....both are great machines though....

    Here`s the delio my friend...

    DLP is none.....unless you are talkin` LCOS....

    Rainbows....barely existant on 6x color wheel.....

    Here`s the problem...DLP with the res of the PANNY....$$$$$

    so yes go with LCD....go with it for the res....not because the DLP has rainbows and gives`s is so rare that people pickup on it....

    Check out a DLP on a white back ground with black`ll have to shake your head to the point you make drool come out and swoosh the person sitting beside....if you`re doing that in a movie you`ve got issues :lol:

    Life is limited on LCD....duder they are lamps....DLP is the same.....don`t worry about that either...

    Hope this helps!

    Also chack out the Infocus 4805...while the res is lower...let me twell you the blacks are better on DLP than LCD bar might be surprised and the color wheel is a 6x rainbows....I think not!

    Hope this helps!
    Got a nice rack to show me ?


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      I own a PT-AE500 and could not be happier with it. I found with the lower priced DLP's that I left the store with a headache after watching it for roughly 30 minutes. I could not purchase one because of the eye strain and as well the rainbows. Some people will see them... others will not. The only way to be sure is to go to the store and dedicate at least an hour watching a DLP with some familiar material.

      As far as the LCD's black levels, with the 500, I do not find it to be much of an issue. Like Bam said, about rainbows, if you really want to stare at a screen and pick apart the blacks from the greys when you are watching a movie... then you've got problems.

      I find the blacks (1300:1 contrast ratio) of the 500 to be great. I do not notice much of a difference between the 500 and say the X1 which reported a 2000:1 contrast ratio. I did however notice a huge difference in the resolution.

      If you are only going to be watching DVD's with this projector I would advise you to sit down with the X2/4805 and give that a wirl for an hour or two to see what you think.

      If you are going to be watching HD material (remember HD-DVD is just around the corner) than I must recommend the PT-AE500/Z2. Both are fantastic machines and both display HD material much better and clearer than any of the lower res DLP projectors.

      I think it comes down to your viewing needs. Mine were for HD and DVD. I viewed tons of projectors and found the Panny to be perfect for what I wanted. I have had no problems with it (150 hours on the bulb so far). Each technology has its problems. You need to find out which one is less annoying to you.

      For me... I would have liked to see the companies building those lower price DLP's add in a life time perscription of Tylanol.

      Happy shopping.



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        SAnyo Z2 re

        well I have the Z2 Sanyo and am very happy also.
        I found the epsons very similar but at double the cost
        and I really like the DLP like Sharp model 12000 but the price whohzzzzzouch....
        and I really like the Panasonic AE500 the picture is the same as the Z2
        but I went with it becauce of the lens shift
        and it was cheaper .


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          :T on the Z2... I own the 2HD which is the same projector my Studio Experience. Have loved it truly! Awesome machine.

          I think you can save a little on the Z2 over the Panny.

          Not taking anything away from the DLP's because I've nevered owned one but I do know the Z2/2HD's are nice.


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            thanx for the info guys....

            i think i am going for a Panasonic AE500....

            but i have still some questions i.e

            1.) the degradation of colours in LCD it true?
            2.) is 850 lumens bright enough? coz the other option which is Benq6200 is around 1700 lumens...

            i might be viewing it in some ambient light sometimes so would a panny AE 500 be ok with 850 lumens...


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              1.) the degradation of colours in LCD it true?

              Reds are the hardest color for LCD. It's more orangish for reds. Generally, the rest of the color spectrum is so good though, that the typically lower quantity of reds is acceptable, and hardly noticable unless you are really specifically looking for them.

              2.) is 850 lumens bright enough? coz the other option which is Benq6200 is around 1700 lumens...

              You can't always just go by the Lumens numbers. Some are measured incorrectly, and some projectors are just brighter than their lumens actually measures. It is true though that for some ambient light, you need a fairly bright projector.

              Myself? I have 2 projectors, a "daily driver", my View Sonic PJ51 (4:3), my special "don't run it every day" projector is a Studio Experience 2HD (Z2).

              I could not be happier with my Z2 equivilent projector! Even my View Sonic is capable of some pretty good images with a solid source.

              I have not had any trouble with burned out pixels myself. Lastly, I don't run my projectors anywhere near their brightest settings. I use whisper fan settings, which generally are dimmer and save bulb life. I do sometimes have some ambient light. Even leave lamps on with controlled light via a dimmer switch.

              "I'm out there Jerry, and I'm loving every minute of it!" - Kramer


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                If you are talking about LCD degradation as in the TI sponsored study that showed the "superior" durability of DLP over LCD, yes it is real, but it is unlikely it will occur in any HT PJ you buy during its useful lifetime, unless you are using the unit many hours every day.



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                  Well I Guess Pana Ae500 Is The 1 For Me Then....

                  Guys Can U Help Me On What Kind Of Screen To Go For....i Dont Know Any Thing About Screens...


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                    My 2 cents

                    Just thought I would add a few comments here.

                    I too get headaches when I watch a DLP for more than a few minutes. More than the black writing on white screen, its the white dots on a dark screen that will get you with a DLP. For example on U-571 when they are filming in the sub it is mostly dark, except for the light bulb. When the depth charges go off the white light shakes and I dont know anyone who could miss the rainbows on that.

                    Also, the LCD uses the same UHP lamps as DLP, so getting reds is no harder on an LCD, as color is a function of what kind of dichroic mirrors you use and what the light is like to begin with. UHP lamps drop off in the red, so it is harder to make the red really brilliant. That is why Sony uses a Xenon lamp for the Qualia LCOS, its color temperature is closer to the sun`s, and doesnt drop off in the red, making it abosolutely fabulous. (of course Xenon lamps cost twice as much)

                    LCD panels dont usually die, it is the polarizers that get burned out. The TI test was kind of crappy because they left them on continuously, when the projecors actually get to cool down after each use, and the newer LCD projectors are using tougher polarizers as well.

                    In general since LCDs have 3 panels they can offer better color with no headaches. But that being said a 3panel DLP (Marantz has one for about $35k I think) is gorgeous. BUT.. it still has only 720p!

                    By the way I got to see the new JVC D-ILA (LCOS) 1080 projector in Tokyo yesterday, and wow... When LCOs gets to our level (sub$5k ?) there is nothing that will be able to compare. You still have a couple of years at least to enjoy that Panny!


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                      Hey LL, do you live in Tokyo, or just end up there for business all the time like me?



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