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    I you were to buy a 46 rptv would it be a--SONY 46WT510- TOSHIBA46-H83 OR A PANNY 47WX53 AND WHY PLEASE. THANX. HOWIE

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    Hi Howie...

    For me Toshiba..... but they are slowly letting go of those babies....the HX83 is already discontinued.... :E

    But I'll let the wise one's respond! :lol:

    Where's Jason....Bing and Trev!...just to name a few!
    Got a nice rack to show me ?


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      Of those three.... If money wasn't a huge consideration the Sony. Great quality but you pay for it. Value leader, Toshiba. Good quality but not top end as such it's also less expensive. Good option if you don't want to invest too much as your only planning to keep it a few years until DLP etc matures/becomes affordable but still want relatively good performance. They do tend to have slightly more reliability problems though. Panny's are alright...just a notch below the Tosh's IMO. They're cheaper again though...

      Is there a reason you're not also looking at Hitachi or Mitsubishi?



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        I was considering this route a month or so ago. The slightly newer version of the Panny was at the top of my list, because I had already found all the service code and tweak up info for it, including SVM disabling, and because the 47WX54 has been at local CostCo's for only $999. It does have DVI/HDCP input, too.

        Having owned both Toshiba's and Sony's, I would recommend the Toshiba over the Sony; they're usually easier to dial into "perfection", and I found with the factory service manual fully tweaking it up was very rewarding. Sony's are usually nicer built "mechanically", but Toshiba puts the money into the CRTs and chassis.

        Really, if you're OK with going through a detailed setup, you probably can't go wrong with any of these sets; the Tosh wil probably be best out of the box, compared with the others; the Panny worst, but it's the least expensive and will dial in pretty well. If you have 480 sources mainly, the upscaling in the Toshiba may give it the edge; I'll check that out- but I was planning on using my Zenith DVB318, which upscales to 1080i over component.

        Oh, what did I end up doing? Bought a used NEC-9PG+ CRT projector, with less than 700 hours, for $1600. New MSRP ~$22,000.

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