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Getting confused about space and equipment

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  • Getting confused about space and equipment

    Hey guys'
    Just dropped a thread over in the speaker placement department and continued reading other ideas in other areas.
    Is it normal to think you have it all figured out and then.........????????? you don't know anything?
    I've decided to bow to the mercy of the forum. Keeping in mind that I am very budget oriented, help me set up this HT.
    My room is 11 X 14, 8' ceiling and carpeted.
    At the present time I have a Sony STRDE995-7.1, Infinity BU-2 100w Sub, Infinity Center and 6 Infinity Minuette's. I would like to have at least a 80" wide screen display. Is this to big with out getting sd effect. I have figered out the seating. I love seat in the back and a couple of chairs in front of that . The "in front chairs" would be about 9 feet from the screen.
    Whats the best pj at 1500 and under, that would give me a great picture.

    Many, many, many thanks

    The Chuckster

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    Nine feet is pretty close. Doubt if anything under $1500 will have the resolution you need to avoid seeing pixels at that distance and screen size.

    My NEC dlp is 1024 x 768 and I can just start to see the pixel grid at 9 feet on my 92" wide screen.
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      Thanks George
      Guess I better start looking at the Z2 again.
      Sam's has an Infocus 4800 (1188.00) but that may not do the job.
      I sure appreciate the info.

      Many thanks


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        If you can demo the 4800 it may be worth checking out. Go up to the screen and start backing up until the pixel grid becomes invisible or at least non-objectionable, then pace it off to see how many feet you are at. Everyone is different in their sensitivity to SDE, and you may not see what I see at 9 feet.
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          Well, the Z2 has a lot of fans here, and at only 500.00 over budget, you may be wise to consider it. I really think you will be ok with the Z2. Sure, it will be a close call at 9 feet. But the Z2 is such a thrill at any distance.

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            Thanks Lex

            Looks like the Z2 is it. I was leaning that way. Guess I just needed a little push. I know I will be happier in the long run and I'll elinimate the old addage "Why didn'i" and "I wish I would have".

            Many thanks guys
            Great information as always. I'll let you know how every thing came out and now, back to finish my drywalling.


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              You'll definitely be happier, Chuck. At your distance and screen size, pixelitis would be an unavoidable feature of an SVGA display. A lot of folks love their Z2's; it's a great value, and provides remarkable performance for the money.

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                I think you'll be pretty happy. I've got the 20HD (PLV-70 rebadged). It's a hair higher resolution (1366x768), a year older (read less contrast and some general image refinement), brighter, but otherwise very similar to the Z2 image-wise. I have a 104" wide image, and sit at about 10.5'. This puts your viewing distance/screen size ratio a bit higher than mine (1.35 as opposed to 1.2), so you should see fewer artifacts than I do.

                With the MLA panels in the Sanyos, you can defocus the image very slightly which smooths it out a great deal. I cannot really see pixels per se on mine, but what is evident is the vertical line artifacts and the general "mosquito net" effect that people dislike about LCD, especially the former. This effect is pretty significantly reduced on the PJs that are a year newer than mine, like the Z2 and Sony HS20.



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