Gentlemen, your enthusiasm for projectors is great. It's always great to read info. However, I'm seeing a tendency for people to just post what I call "hit and run" links, mostly pointing to projector central.

While I don't want to take away from what PC has done over there. It's a solid site with good information. I don't want our projector section to become like a bunch of pointers.

I have other concerns as well, such as steering our members away from our site, to other sites, away from our advertisers to other advertisers. I hope you understand my concerns. I'm thinking ahead here that someday we will have a pj advertiser.

For a while, we are going to try posting any links for projector reviews to 1 thread. Please do not create a new thread just for the purpose of posting a link to a review. Now if a thread discussion is already going, and it makes sense to share a link there, fine. But no new threads just for that purpose.

I'll start the thread.