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Appointment with Studio Experience Dealer

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  • Appointment with Studio Experience Dealer

    As aud19 (Jason) knows, I had been waiting for the new DLP RPTV from Samsung to come out, but now I got the itch to consider a front projector after reading some posts here. So, I called Studio Experience (since it appears this Company is the odds on favorite in this forum) and they gave me the name of a dealer in my local area and he is coming to my house tomorrow morning to give me an estimate and advice!! YES!!!!

    My home theatre stuff is in my basement which has no windows and the only light is what comes through the door leading out and the usual lights which are in the ceiling. So, in the middle of a sunny day, without the lights on and the door closed its as dark as a theatre. Now could I watch this way all the time? Certainly yes with movies, but maybe not with regular TV watching.

    In terms of projector, I started looking at the 50HD which retails for $8,500 and I assume its discounted especially if the dealer gets the install work from me. A new 5050 with HD2+ chip is coming out this summer per discussions with Studio Experience, so that's worth the wait. However, based on some of Jason's postings, it may make common sense to go with the incredibly cheaper 2HD since in 2-3 years its likely that the 3 chip xHD3 1080p will be under lets say $10,000. I guess it also depends on what kind of discount I can get with the 50HD especially if I go with the soon to be discontinued HD2 chip. So, here are some questions:

    1. Does anyone know the standard or agressive discount on these models?
    2. Has anyone seen the 50HD and is it worth the additional $5,500? Please feel free to elaborate. Does it make sense to get the cheaper 2HD and put the extra money into a great scaler that I can use even when I upgrade the projector down the road one day.
    3. In such a dark room what type of screen is the most beneficial? I want a fixed permanent screen with a black border like the ones on the Studio Experience website. Everyone I talk to is recommending the Stewart Firehawk. Is that choice impacted if I go with either the 50HD or 2HD?

    Thanks in advance. Hopefully I get some responses before tomorrow morning?


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    For screens Stewart makes nice ones but I'd also check out Carada (a sponsor of this forum, link at the bottom of the page) I'd probably go with their Classic Cinema White Screen Material (gain of 1.0) or High Contrast Grey (gain of 0.8) depending on your preference, due to chip based displays having less than stellar black levels. You may want to ask the dealer which he would recommend.

    As I mentioned before I think you'd be better off spending that extra money on more/better speakers, better sources, better cables, amps etc rather than on the 50HD.


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      The firehawk is about as good as it gets for digital projectors...but they aren't cheap either. Still if I could I'd own a firehawk screen.


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        Does that mean that the Firehawk is not a good choice for the 2HD since that's not a DLP projector? Could you please explain a bit about the differences.




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          No the Firehawk is perfect for the digital I mean none CRT. Before you settle on one screen over another email Steward, Dalite and Carada and ask them to send you some samples (ask for their grey or high contrast screens)...they'll all send you a free sample with the Carada and Dalite's being about 8.5" by 11" where the stewart's are much larger. Anyway when you get those its pretty easy to see what the differences are with the various materials. What seperates the Firehawk from the rest though is that it has very solid black levels like some of the other grey screens but where it really shines is its white level. Most grey screens tend to give less then white whites which is why people are shifting to silver. Firehawk is also a nice thick material unlike Greyhawk which is very thin and doesn't seem very durable.


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            My 2HD looks beautiful on my Carada classic white screen. I didnt' consider grey because of white and lighter shade color changes that I think the grey would have produced. The slightly lighter blacks are a reasonable compromise, because they are still black.

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              Firehawk is also a nice thick material unlike Greyhawk which is very thin and doesn't seem very durable
              I've had the Grayhawk for a couple years now and as long as you don't use the screen as a trampoline, it should hold up fine. 8O
              I also thinks that the whites look great on the gray screens (which is why I chose the Grayhawk), and both shadow detail and blacks are visibly improved.



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