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Sony XBR75X900F or Sony XBR75X940E?

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  • Sony XBR75X900F or Sony XBR75X940E?

    Hello all,
    These 2 Tv's seem very close in performance. I'm thinking the 940E is a better set as I believe it has way more Local dimming Zones. They both share many things like the same video processor but the 900F has a new Motion technology. I understand the Motion blur is the only weakness of the 940e and from what I have learned it's not even a factor, it's if you want to dig deep and find anything wrong with the 940e, this is the only thing that can be frowned upon.

    Any opinions in these 2 sets?

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    Nothing? No opinions? Just curious as I have not seen the 900F yet. I will tomorrow I'm installing one.


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      I've not seen either one, but when choosing between two similar, though not identical pieces of A/V gear, I usually choose the one that is less expensive (unless there is very little difference). Then I choose the one with the best performance. In the case of TVs with HDR, though, given what little I know of it (I don't have any HDR capable displays, nor are any in my immediate future), the one capable of the brightest output, all other things being equal, would be my choice. Without HDR as a variable, the best contrast ratio (again, all other things being equal) would be my choice.

      Sorry to not have any specifics, but this is how I've approached all display shopping I've done going back to 2000 (before that, I had small TVs, as I almost entirely concentrated on audio).


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        I think as long as you stick to the 900 series you still get local dimming backlight, where as going down to the 800 series moves to edge lit. Sadly Sony doesn't tell us much about their local dimming, but I do believe you are correct the 940 has more zones and I believe either better processing or a bit better panel....can't remember which one. Is there a model higher than the 940? If so that one probably has the better panel. Sony is certainly finally back on top of the TV game though, so can't go wrong either way. The only TV's I'd consider personally would be the Sony 900 series, or the Vizio P series. The Samsung Qled stuff is nice but too expensive imo, I'd go LG Oled at that point. On the other hand if money were no option it would be Sony OLED all the way, their video processing is far superior to LG's and it shows when you look at them side by side.