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Rock Dog
06-04-2004, 05:00 PM
How about both together :?:

Well then check this out!

BEATALLICA (http://www.beatallica.org/index2.html)

This is a pretty amazing juxtaposition. The Beatles meet Metallica. A couple of guys got together, wrote and recorded songs based on a particular Beatles, and a particular Metallica song. It's acutally very creative, and very good. If you stop and think about what it took to put these songs together, in a way that both of the original songs are represented, and intact (for the most part.) Most of the lyrics have been changed in order to keep in context of the idea of the blend. But to sit down and pick out a song from each artist, that can be blended into one entity. Takes quite a bit of talent and creativity. Check it out. You've got to be a little familiar with Metallica to get it though.

Most everyone has heard just about every Beatles song. But you've got to be pretty familiar with the Metallica catalog to really enjoy some of these. Otherwise some of the songs, especially the takes on early Metallica material, won't make as much sense, or be nearly as entertaining.

BUT... Many can be enjoyed regardless.

Check out tracks like Hey Dude, I Want To Choke Your Band, Sandman, and Blackened the USSR.

Not everyone here will enjoy this, or even find it slightly entertaining or amusing. But for those who have a taste for Metallica, and the absolute respect and appreciation for what the Fab Four gave us. You just might burn these MP3s to a disk to keep around.

One other thing. The guy who does (basically a James Hetfield impression) the vocals for the project. Is fantastic, he has really got it nailed.

:-y :dudes: :righton:

Rock Dog
06-04-2004, 05:01 PM
BTW You don't have to download the Torrent client to listen to the songs. That's only if you want to stream them. Right Click and "Save Target As" to pull down the MP3s. WERD

06-07-2004, 12:27 PM
Thanks Rock Dog, that's hilarious! :rofl:

Good , fun stuff. :B

Not a fan of Metallica. I do like a few of their songs here and there. But I am familiar with plenty of their songs. Sure love the Beatles, though.

Burke Strickland
06-07-2004, 03:30 PM
Some creative types out there have WAAAYYYYY too much time on their hands. :>) On the other hand, the results are kind of fun. :>)