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  1. Furniture/Layout of Dedicated HT Space
  2. Fleshtones
  3. Wall fabric, Woven poly or Sound channels?
  4. A warmer HT look
  5. Sound Control for HT & Listening Rooms
  6. great new area
  7. color considerations
  8. Pics Are A Great Idea, But...
  9. Does Shape Make A Difference
  10. Mayhem at the Steele House
  11. Pat's Area
  12. Starting from scratch...almost
  13. Any CARA Users?
  14. HT Dilemma: Lifestyle Changes Part I
  15. Welcome to the Mod Squad!
  16. optimum room size
  17. new theater
  18. Snow Day Thoughts: Lifestyle Changes II
  19. Let's Talk Window Coverings!
  20. Hanging speakers?
  21. Chairs, Cheers and more Chairs!!
  22. My new HT web page is up.
  23. Acoustics 101
  24. Handy Speaker Placement "Rules"
  25. Magnepan's in home theaters...
  26. Exciting Summer treats coming........
  27. Great "Balls" O' fire!!
  28. SPRING..It's time to tighten the Hatches
  29. Susan?
  30. Are you ready to rub the rib?
  31. I HAD A DREAM!!!!!!!!!!
  32. My new HT room
  33. Speaker placement
  34. Count down has begun...
  35. French Doors
  36. Our HT Room Transformation
  37. High Tech vs. Traditional Room Decor
  38. New armrests...
  39. HT Room Construction
  40. Need your Ideas..........
  41. HT room decorations
  42. Fabric on walls
  43. Welcome David to where he belongs
  44. HT Construction *Update*
  45. New name?
  46. Bummer!
  47. Your links wanted...
  48. HT: Finalized Color Scheme!
  49. *HT UPDATE*
  50. room fit for the dead
  51. Just as well.................
  52. Carpet is down!
  53. A walk back through time
  54. Need help with projector ideas.
  55. I see the light!
  56. More Trim, Crown, rope light...
  57. Finally ... a Photo
  58. DIY PJ Screen Building
  59. Equipment Rack
  60. More Equipment Rack Pics!
  61. My HT make-over
  62. Oh my...
  63. Regrets and tips?
  64. How did you enter the custom installers field?
  65. Form Vs. Function
  66. New HT pics
  67. Cinemeek Doings
  68. E-Cinema up and running!
  69. HT design hits the comics
  70. Clive - Any New Recipes?
  71. New Acoustic Panel?
  72. "Hello" all
  73. And the walls fell down!!
  74. First order reflexion...................
  75. Anybody added a room for HT space?
  76. Updated E-Cinema
  77. More like spaced "IN"
  78. Cine-temporary-meek
  79. Acoustics? We Don't Got No Stinkin' Acoustics! Well, Maybe We Should.
  80. I'm "Spaced Out" too!
  81. If you could...
  82. E-Cinema 99.9% Complete!
  83. Theme Theaters
  84. Appraisal/Resale value of Home Theaters
  85. Oh, catchy name
  86. A Sneek Peak of what's to come...
  87. E-Cinema with Major Updates!
  88. Website Updated with Screen Shots
  89. How many seats at what price?
  91. Air Vent/Return
  92. Room darkening blinds
  93. Carpeting a basement
  94. Wow now here's a threater!
  95. IR Repeaters
  96. new pics!
  97. Theater Phone
  98. Martin Logans and SVSs
  99. Come on Erik and I can't be the only one's working on our HT'S?
  100. Smarthome
  101. HT & Air Flow Problem *Fix*
  102. Zone 2 install
  103. Baby steps
  104. Wire/cable Management
  105. Theater Layout Advice
  106. hardware in Toronto
  107. WOW now here's a cool theater
  108. Theater seating arrangements
  109. Xantech IR gear (or the like), Andrew?
  110. GARAGE DOOR FOR SALE: (Makin' room for a dedicated HT!)
  111. X10 file Chapter 11
  112. Popcorn Machine for Your Home Theater Lobby
  113. IR remote issues
  114. E-Cinema *UPDATE* (Finally!)
  115. SCHELL SHOCKED Theater Updated Pics***
  116. Some other updates...
  117. Lexinator theater updated pics!
  118. Implications of Room Setup
  119. My updated theater pics now online
  120. Riser Modification
  121. Acoustic/cosmetic advise
  122. Message for David Meek
  123. Bias Lighting
  124. Rack em' up boys
  125. An Introduction
  126. Presenting Cedar Creek Cinema...
  127. Coming soon: The Chris D Home Theater, Name yet to be Announced
  128. Building HT need advices
  129. Suggestions Needed
  130. Where to put speakers in room for 7.1
  131. Welcome Chris D!
  132. Beginning the HT journey.
  133. 7.1 Upgrade In Small Room?
  134. Proper Dimensions
  135. Getting ready to rock
  136. Dedicated theater questions for new construction
  137. Basment Installs
  138. First pics of the construction!
  139. Since I`m part of the FP gang!
  140. CinemeekII Updated Photos
  141. 10 x 10 BR too small for decent HT room?
  142. Future for HT Installers?
  143. Acoustic treatment for Apartment HT
  144. Speaker and stand acoustic isolation
  145. Low level bass only when standing
  146. Pics of my HT
  147. HT themed carpet
  148. Soundproofing specialist
  149. Riser Modification FINALLY!
  150. WAF wall plates
  151. New house - YOU place the speakers!
  152. Newbie HT: APT HT furniture opinions...
  153. New house, small room for HT (11'6"x10'1") - Need advice
  154. Last chance before drywall- please review
  155. The Boss got a house, my gear won't fit...
  156. New Home Theater in small space
  157. Speaker Positioning Help Needed
  158. Accoustics in a small room with tile flooring.
  159. Started remodel of HT today
  160. Suggestions on taming a 10db 30hz peak...
  161. Home theater step by step construction
  162. Photo Album of my Theatre
  163. Hole-in-the-wall Gang?
  164. Another custom HT, framing next week, please review
  165. Lutron has new "Spacer" light dimmer modual
  166. Finished my automated DVD/SACD control center
  167. Need Help On Dimming Home Theater Lighting
  168. A/V Rack Project
  169. Windows and doors oh my!
  170. Question for Resilient Channel Experts
  171. HT Room help
  172. Built in AV Rack
  173. Where to buy X10 products in Canada
  174. Looking for help on speaker placement
  175. Saw this on TV, passing it on for your review.
  176. Pre-Wiring New Condo-Need Help
  177. Help with SPL meter.
  178. Nearly finished...
  179. Existing Condo and Wires
  180. Let's see some Cool HT Pics
  181. So you have spent big bucks on gear what about the room?
  182. Dedicated Theater Room Size
  183. Looking for theater loungers
  184. In-ceiling speaker placement
  185. Do not Buy Berkline Theater Seating!!!!!!!!!!
  186. IR Transparent Plastic or Glass Suggestions
  187. Baseboard replacement wiring channels
  188. Cool HT Pic and Surround Question.
  189. Moving and requesting opinions and help
  190. Wires Wires WIres
  191. New in-wall speaker install
  192. La Crosse Technology RF switcher
  193. new and looking for advice
  194. Soundproofing
  195. Finishing basement - what cabling needed?
  196. Receiver to Integrated Amp?
  197. want to build TV, LCR standing spkrs into wall---how to start?
  198. Space Ideas Needed
  199. Movie Posters
  200. Cathedral ceilings: good or bad for HT?
  201. room acoustics treatment opinions please!
  202. Quality DIY materials...
  203. Rear speaker placment question
  204. motor for projection screen
  205. seeking advice from my rotel friends.
  206. New speaker installation
  207. Starting to Frame Need Ideas Please!!
  208. Wireing needed for Front wall sub
  209. Custom wall plates
  210. Hello I am new here Look at my place
  211. Acoustic Treatments
  212. TV Stands for SONY KD-34XBR960
  213. Direction of Surround Speakers and other placement
  214. Furniture help
  215. Mounting speakers to a suspended ceiling
  216. Pictures of my Equipment Rack in Progress
  217. Cathedral Ceilings, Part II
  218. Suspended Ceiling - Vibration Noise HELP!
  219. New room, new challenges!
  220. Anyone with survielance?
  221. Ribs on the Bar-b.....
  222. Pictures of my Media room in progress
  223. Movie Poster Information
  224. Cold Air Return? Where???
  225. The Ultimate Riser? KaboomY?
  226. Home Theater Seating
  227. here we go... (tons o' in-wall wiring ?'s)
  228. PreWiring? Antenna?
  229. New room all wired up
  230. About ready to frame- Some final opinions from HTguide.
  231. Acoustics - The broad brush approach
  232. Worried about my concrete block/mortar wall
  233. QuietRock soundproof drywall for HT
  234. The PatzCatz Theater Construction Thread
  235. Design options - suggestions requested
  236. HT door question
  237. Home Theatre Questions and Suggestions
  238. what a theater design
  239. need home theater design help...
  240. My 1st HT Room need some advice
  241. Speaker Height
  242. Room accoustics problem - Auralex accoustic foam?
  243. need help with room
  244. Sealing/boxing in-wall speakers
  245. Lifted My Rear Seating
  246. Carpet the Walls?
  247. room size for dedicated HT
  248. This is going to be my new HT
  249. Interesting acoustical phenomenon in my listening room
  250. Distributing Digital(HDMI) video to 3 displays